29 September, 2022

Spain and padel: a love story

It is obvious that Spain is one of the countries where padel is spreading as a practiced sport, but besides this, in the professional section this country dominates at the highest level.

Padel, by the hand of its highest body, the World Padel Tour, has undergone enormous growth in recent years. The love for the sport of padel has increased exponentially in our country and this is also reflected in the rankings of the best players in the world. In fact, the top positions are filled with Spanish professionals.

Padel and Spain are very closely linked, there is no doubt about that. Although it is believed that it originated in Mexico and its great ideologist was Enrique Corcuera, a Mexican pelota fan, the paths between this sport and the Spanish country soon crossed, more specifically in the 70s, in Marbella. Since then the weight of both the development of padel and the dominance of top level players has rested on Spain.

This idyll is reflected in the present, since we are in one of the highest moments of Spanish padel, both male and female, since for a few months Spanish athletes are at the top of both categories, a historical milestone that has been maintained since the end of last year 2019.

Source: World Padel Tour

Paquito Navarro continues his dominance in the men’s padel

According to the data provided by the official website of the World Padel Tour, in the men’s category you can see how the professional padel podium is filled with Spanish players. Francisco Navarro from Seville, with 12.010 points, is at the top of a classification in which we can also find Juan Lebrón (11.330 points) in second place and his partner Alejandro Galán (11.100 points) in third. Gold, silver and bronze for Spain.

If we look at the top ten, we find superiority of Argentine representatives, with up to five players, by the four of Spanish nationality. Only the Brazilian Pablo Lima (4th with 10,860 points) sneaks into this Spanish-Argentinean domain at the top of the ranking.

However, if we lower our sights even more, among the 50 best male professionals, Spain reigns comfortably, concentrating up to 27 representatives, because of the 19 players from Argentina, a country that, as can be seen, is also a power in the padel world.

Source: World Padel Tour

Female padel is a Spanish thing

If the dominance of Spain in the male section is notable, as far as the female category is concerned, it could be called matriculation of honour. The ranking is absolutely full of players from our country, finding among the first 50 up to a total of 39 representatives.

The next country with more players is, as in the case of the male category, Argentina with seven, although none of them is in the Top 10, being Delfina Brea (5.010 points) its best classified in 12th position.

Marta Marrero, with 12,490 points, dominates the classification, followed by Madrid’s Marta Ortega (11,400 points) who is in second place and Alejandra Salazar and Ariana Sánchez who are tied for third place, both with 11,260 points. Spain is also close to the top 10, a record broken by Portugal’s Ana Catarina Nogueira, who is in ninth place with 5,675 points.

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Miguel Muñoz
sport journalist


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