30 June, 2022

When professional players take the court, they take the court with a plan, a goal in mind and a role chosen in advance. On the court, nothing is random, players plan their moves and the style of play they will follow throughout the match.

That is why there are different styles and types of play, but they all seek the same goal, to win the point.

The player must have a well-defined type of game to be able to choose the most suitable padel rackets for them, it is important to understand that the player chooses the racket and not the racket chooses them.

Playing style and roles on the padel court

The definition of a style or type of play has to be defined as the learning progresses. The player will gradually discover his or her strengths and weaknesses in order to perform better during a match.

It is also important that the player chooses a padel racket that suits his or her style of play. Fortunately, most brands make padel racquets for all styles and levels of play.

A Bullpadel padel racket could be an excellent choice, because they have very well defined ranges and playing styles, although there are also other highly recommended brands such as Adidas, Vibor-A, Nox, Head, Star Vie and Siux.

Source: Padelnuestro

Two main roles: backhand and drive

Surely you have noticed that the padel court has well marked divisions on the court.

First of all, the net divides the opponents, but even within the same side of the court, you can notice a line, which divides the court into two sectors, left and right.

These sectors of the court have been named backhand and drive or forehand.

From the start of a match, players choose their role and develop their game according to the side of the court they have chosen.

That is why it is very important that, during training and coaching, players understand what the main functions of each player are.

Generally speaking, we can say that the backhand player (the one who takes the left side of the court) is usually the most talented.

They have the best technique and physical strength to be able to finish points. Backhand players tend to be offensive players in order to get close to the net and to beat their opponents.

On the other hand, the forehand or drive player is usually the one who is focused on the strategic part of the game.

His objective is to be prepared to defend the points and prepare them so that the backhand player can finish them in a forceful manner.

Source: Padelnuestro

Which side of the court should I play on?

This is the question that many players ask themselves when they start playing padel. The answer depends a lot on the level of the player.

When the player has a starting level, it is important that he learns to play on both sides of the court.

It is important that he/she knows and understands the functions of each role, in order to have a better vision of the game.

As the level rises, the player will be able to specialise in one side of the court, although, nowadays, most professional players have the ability to choose any role, which is what makes them different from the rest.

It is important to take into account that the backhand player has to occupy much more court, and therefore it is necessary to have a desirable physical shape.

Likewise, they must have the ability to be forceful in order to be able to make quick decisions that can end the point. Backhand players need to be punchers, to be able to win a point with a good smash or power shot.

The forehand player has to have a fairly high level of concentration during the point. He/she tends to touch the ball less frequently, but has to have good technique and control to be able to defend properly.


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