4 October, 2022

If you are just starting to play padel, there are several tips that you need to take into consideration. Here are four tips that will help you get off to a good start in this sport, from choosing a good quality padel racket, such as Babolat racquets, to recommendations related to proper training.

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Top tips for beginner padel players

Choosing the right padel racket for your style and level

This is one of the main tips and should be taken as a starting point. Before you start getting in and worrying about getting the right teaching, it is important to know that you have the right racket in your hands.

To do this, it is important to choose a racket that is recommended for the beginner level and that suits your style of play.

Generally, padel brands divide their padel rackets according to their level. You can find padel rackets for beginners, intermediate, advanced and professionals. Beginner padel rackets are characterised by being manageable, lighter, with softer materials and focused on control.

In addition, they are rackets that generally do not have very high costs, precisely so that the player can acquire their first racket without spending a lot of money.

There are three types of racquets on the market in terms of playing style: control, versatility, and power. In reality, the style of play is not strictly related to the level of player, however, the most recommended type of racket for a beginner player is a control racket.

Find a specific shoe for padel

Choosing the right shoes will always be one of the most important pieces of advice. On the market, some shoes have been created specifically for padel, as they have the necessary elements for the requirements of the game. These elements are good cushioning, stability and a sole suitable for padel.

The sole is one of the most complex issues. You can find padel shoes with three types of soles: herringbone, Omni and mixed. The herringbone sole, also called Clay, is the most popular. This type of sole is characterised by a higher level of traction, an essential feature for padel.

Currently, Babolat padel shoes, to mention just one brand among many, have managed to top the popularity charts. In fact, this brand’s shoes have been chosen by World Padel Tour players such as Juan Lebron.

But, in reality, the brand comes second, the most important thing is that the shoes have the aforementioned qualities.

Source: PadelNuestro

Attend padel courses to develop a good technique

Once you have your racket and the right shoes, it’s time to take them to the court for the first time. If you plan to reach a competitive level in padel, the best thing to do is to receive training from an instructor or attend courses at a padel club.

Many players seek to learn by themselves, without paying for any kind of course. Generally, this is what casual players do, who only play padel for fun or to socialise. But, if you are a player who wants to improve and become good, it is best to get help from an expert.

When the player attends padel courses, he/she learns every single detail of the game, including court positioning, the correct way to hold the padel racket, the way to hit the ball and everything that a player must take into account during a match.

Attending padel courses will also prevent the player from developing bad habits or bad techniques, which can take their toll in the future.

Do not forget physical training

If you are a beginner player who plans to take padel seriously soon, physical training should never be left behind. As the level of play increases, so do the demands on the court.

The opponents are getting tougher, stronger and more talented. That’s why training is always recommended to improve your physical condition, independently of the technique training.


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