4 October, 2022

The spanish minister of transport,José Luis Ábalos, has announced the news that the 15 days initially established by the Government for the state of alarm may be extended beyond the month of March.

Many are at home, preventing contagion and helping to speed up the solvency of this situation caused by Covid-19.

Given the anxiety that this pandemic is causing because of the confinement of the population in their homes, MC Psychology has shared a series of ideas to make these days at home more enjoyable and to accommodate the radical change in our lifestyle.

For an athlete, this drastic turnaround can be a problem, as their intense daily physical activity is disrupted and has to be completely stopped. Therefore, this psychology consultation has set in motion some plans to carry out and stay active.

Source: World Padel Tour

Making a daily schedule of training routines to follow are some of the tips they offer. Also exercise at home to maintain muscle mass, using creativity to get technical training equipment at home and spending time imagining exercises to strengthen and improve is a good idea.

Another tip refers to how important it is to regulate emotions during a confinement so long that it can cause anxiety in those people who are used to traveling and living outdoors.

To do this, relaxation exercises, such as diaphragmatic breathing control, help us calm anxiety and see things from a more rational side. Thinking positively is also beneficial in this situation, since “turning the tables” you get to see those things you’ve always wanted to do and never had time for.

Source: World Padel Tour

Professionals report that being frustrated, anxious, sad or afraid at these times is normal, but not to worry. Following your emotions, analyzing them, expressing them by talking or doing some activity normalizes the situation.

Talking to the family, reading, getting interested in a specific topic to investigate and signing up for a mini online course are other ways to entertain yourself in a productive way.

As for home life, which can become quite sedentary, it can be countered by a good diet, eating healthy and drinking lots of water, as well as by following some of the tips mentioned above. Following these recommendations, sport will be a piece of cake by the time everything returns to normal.

However, you must not lose social contact. Social networks today offer us a closeness to our loved ones in a simple, visual and interactive way.

Communicating with family, friends, training and work colleagues has never been easier.

Sportsmen, we stopped this virus together!

Nerea Diaz-Maroto


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