30 June, 2022

Smash is one of the most spectacular strokes in the sport. Many fans of this sport think they know how to do it, but before abusing it, you must bear in mind that the smash is a difficult shot where technique and placement (as well as the levers) are fundamental.

The smash is an offensive hit which must be executed at the right time. The purpose of the smash is to finish the point, because if it is not finished, it can become an attack blow for the opponent.

Many amateur players think that any ball that comes from above can be smash and that is not the case. The truth is that an amateur player will have few balls that can be finished off with a smash during his games.

Source: WPT

Before making an smash you must be clear about a number of concepts:

  • Select the right ball to finish off.
  • Adjust your feet while you’re putting together your shot.
  • Be clear about the moment of the execution, so that you have time to pause and to accelerate and make the gesture correctly.

The smash is a difficult stroke that requires a lot of practice in order to achieve good hitting technique and effectiveness during matches.

A good smash will always be directed on the crystal of the bottom, since its objective is to finish the point taking the ball x4 or getting the ball to impact in our field with enough height so that the opponents can not reach it.

Source: WPT

My recommendation for you to do this shot well is to put yourself in the hands of a good coach who will be able to identify the mistakes you might make when executing the smash and help you improve it.

I hope that these tips have been useful to clarify some aspects of the smash in padel.

See you in the next post. Greetings and don’t forget to ENJOY THE PADEL LIVE

Cristina Martin Labarra
professional padel coach


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