16 August, 2022

Jumping on the padel court with the right shoes is the most essential in this sport. Why? Because the shoes influence the player’s comfort, performance and injury prevention.

On the market, you can find hundreds of different models, with variations in soles, materials, lasts and technologies.

In terms of brands, the truth is that the competition is very tight, as there are currently many padel brands of excellent quality. However, some of the most recommended is the Adidas men’s padel shoes, along with Bullpadel, Asics, Head and Wilson.

Source: Padelnuestro

Tips for choosing the perfect padel shoes

Choosing the right shoes for padel

This is one of the most important tips, which might seem too obvious, but which, surprisingly, is not always followed.

A very common mistake among players who are just starting out in this sport is that they jump onto the court with any type of sports shoes they have in their wardrobe.

This is a crucial mistake because jumping onto the court with shoes that are not padel shoes can lead to injuries.

Nowadays, many padel brands produce entry-level shoes for beginners who are looking for something cheap but with the necessary qualities for the game.

That is why it is recommended to get help from an expert. Padel shops usually have staff that help the player to choose the perfect padel shoes.

PadelVip’s Madrid padel shop is an excellent point of sale to get advice on finding the right padel shoes.

Choosing the right sole

The sole of a padel shoe is one of the most important parts, because it is the area that comes into direct contact with the court surface.

If you visit a padel shop, you can find shoes with three different types of soles: herringbone, omni and mixed.

The herringbone outsole is the most recommended and the most popular choice among players. This sole is characterised by its excellent durability, but also by its good grip on the ground.

The omni outsole consists of a small dotted tread pattern. Its main benefit is grip and traction on other types of surfaces.

The only disadvantage is that it grips the surface less well, which makes sliding freer and pronounced. This is why this type of sole should not be chosen for use on tracks with a lot of sand or clay.

The mixed sole is a type of sole that has become very popular over the last few years. It is a sole that combines the characteristics of omni and herringbone shoes.

In this way, they aim to offer a good balance between traction, freedom to slide, resistance and flexibility.

Source: Padelnuestro

Look for shoes with good cushioning

This is an important feature for padel shoes and for any other sport. Cushioning is the absorption capacity that a shoe has, to reduce the strong impact of the footsteps and avoid discomfort in the feet and knees. It is always important to look for shoes with a good cushioning system.

Generally, they have a midsole made of a soft and absorbent material such as Eva or phylon. You can also find other models that include additional components such as shock-absorbing insoles, air or gel units.

Stability and support: an essential factor in padel

Stability and support will always be a must in any shoe. Padel is a very intense sport that requires fast movements, lateral movements, jumps and heavy footwork.

That is why we recommend shoes that have systems or materials designed to stabilise and support your stride.

Many of the shoes made by well-known padel brands include components that have the objective of guaranteeing stability.

Some of the most common are the pieces of rigid materials such as plastic or TPU in various areas of the upper. There are also brands such as Babolat that incorporate external straps to hold the foot in place.


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