16 August, 2022

Summer is the season of the year with the highest temperatures, and that is why, if you are going to play padel, you should take into account certain tips.

We have collected some of the best recommendations to play under the sun and not die trying. We’ll tell you how to avoid the heat, dehydration and how the best padel racquets can help prolong the life of your padel racquets.

Source: PadelNuestro

Don’t let the heat stop you from jumping on the padel court

Protect yourself from the sun at all costs

Without a doubt, the most obvious and most important advice is to try to avoid the sun. By this we mean avoid jumping on the track during the hours of the day that have the highest temperatures.

Generally, the time between 12 noon and 4 p.m. is the least recommended time to do sport during a very sunny day. But, if this is the only time of the day when you can play padel, there are some tips to do it correctly and safely.

The best thing to do would be to look for an indoor padel court. Fortunately, there are already hundreds of padel clubs that have indoor courts, to prevent the sun’s rays from hitting them directly.

But, if you can’t find an indoor padel court either, you will have to take certain measures. We are talking about using sunscreen, a cap or visor, and sunglasses. The aim is to protect yourself from the sun at all times.

Playing padel in cool, light clothing

The body needs to breathe and feel cool, especially when the outside temperature is high. Wearing the right clothes can be an important factor in avoiding suffering when playing sport in the summer.

To play padel, it is always recommended to wear light and cool clothes, regardless of the temperature or season of the year. However, this advice is even more important in the summer, as the heat causes more sweating and fatigue.

In padel shops, you can find technical clothing created especially for this sport. The most important thing is that the clothing has breathable technologies, flexible materials to move more freely and lightweight fabrics for greater comfort.

Source: PadelNuestro

Buying a paddle bag or backpack with thermal technology

The most important thing is that the player is protected from the sun at all times. But the player can also protect his equipment, as it also wears out during the summer.

We are talking especially about the rackets, as it has been proven that high temperatures can reduce their lifespan and even change their behaviour.

Generally, long exposure to heat can cause the rackets to soften, resulting in a decrease in the power and durability of the materials.

Fortunately, padel brands have started to create accessories to protect the padel racquets. The most recommended are the paddle bags or backpacks that have thermal compartments.

We have seen this type of technology in the Bullpadel padel racket bags, so that the temperature is kept inside the compartment.

Pay particular attention to dehydration

This is probably the most important advice of all because it relates directly to the health of the player. We know that dehydration is one of the most dangerous, life-threatening conditions.

Becoming dehydrated is even more likely to happen during the summer, because high temperatures cause a greater loss of fluids. Therefore, it is recommended to drink more water, electrolytes or energy drinks than usual.


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