5 October, 2022

There are many sports that during pregnancy are not the best ally. Sport during pregnancy helps to deal with the changes that take place in the center of the masses. However, not all sports activities are good during this period.

Each pregnancy has a different cycle, depending on various factors: age of the pregnant woman, level of risk of pregnancy, level of physical activity, pathologies, etc. For this reason, each woman experiences different sensations and not all are prepared to do physical exercise.

When we talk about pregnant women who practice sport, we are referring to women who were athletes before their pregnancy, since during pregnancy it is not the best time to start a new sport.

We almost always hear that sports such as yoga or pilates are beneficial for pregnant women because they reduce muscle pain through their practice and encourage connection with the interior and relaxation, which can even encourage childbirth.

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But what about padel? Is this sport compatible with pregnancy?

According to Cynthia Perez, a professional padel player who was competing until she was about three and a half months pregnant, “the last tournament I played was in Zaragoza, and at the end of April I competed in the Rome Tennis Open, where a padel tournament was played at the same club. There I began to notice that I was slower and more tired, so I decided to withdraw from the competition and take it more quietly.

Therefore, according to Cynthia’s statements and medical studies, padel is not a sport that is compatible with pregnancy, since it is a high-intensity sport, with sudden movements that are not good for the formation of the fetus.

During the first months of gestation it can be practiced in a cautious way, trying to avoid jumping as much as possible. However, you can do other types of exercises and even practice kicks and some gentle strokes that help to maintain physical shape so that the subsequent recovery is much faster and easier.

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