16 August, 2022

In the market, there is more than one type of padel racket, and it is very common to find racquets of different materials, shapes and technologies. The reason for this versatility is that there are players with different playing styles and needs on the court. Generally speaking, there are three types of rackets: power rackets, control rackets, and multi-purpose rackets.

On this occasion, we will focus on the power ones, which are one of the most sought after by players. In addition, there will be a special mention of the Bullpadel power bats, which are some of the most recommended in this category.

Source: Padelnuestro

The most suitable type of bat for offensive players

Fortunately, this type of padel racket can be found in most padel shops, and they are clearly identified for this type of player. Newpadel is one of the shops that offer a wide variety of brands, which can be an excellent place to start the search for the perfect attacking racket.

Main characteristics of a power racket

Power rackets have physical characteristics that make it easier for you to find that power. One of the most visible is in their shape and form. Generally, power rackets have diamond or teardrop shapes, especially the former. This type of shape has a larger head or top.

This means that the weights are concentrated in that area, which helps to give more force to the ball at the moment of the stroke. In the same way, power racquets have a sweet spot that is located in the highest part.

That is why, with this type of rackets, it is recommended to make contact with the upper part of the faces, to hit with maximum power.

Another way to identify a power racket is by looking at its materials and technologies. Power rackets are usually made of materials with greater rigidity and hardness. Stronger carbon fibres are used and sometimes materials such as kevlar and aluminium.

In addition, they usually have higher density rubber cores, harder than the classic Eva rubber so that the player can take advantage of all the strength of his arm.

Source: Padelnuestro

Who are power rackets for?

Power rackets are recommended for players who, by nature, play aggressively. This type of racket is ideal for those who are looking to attack most of the game, constantly going up to the net to hit with forcefulness.

It is also important to mention that power rackets are usually chosen by players who already have experience in the game, with a well-developed technique. Power rackets have less control and players should be aware of that. An experienced player will be able to get good control out of a power racket, even if that is not its main quality.

Bullpadel, one of the kings of power

Power rackets are already manufactured by all brands, most of them already have weapons that are aimed exclusively at offensive play.

However, there are brands that manage to stand out above others for their excellent power. One of them is Bullpadel, the padel firm that, since its founding in 1995, has been one of the best-selling brands worldwide.

The two most famous power rackets of this brand are the Bullpadel Hack by Paquito Navarro and the Bullpadel Vertex by Maxi Sanchez. The main reason why these bats are some of the most powerful on the market is because of their materials.

Both rackets are made of high resistance materials such as the most advanced carbon fibres. In addition, they include components such as the aluminium frame protector that makes it heavier and more aggressive.

Similarly, Bullpadel seeks 100% power with these rackets, which is why it goes straight to the point by choosing diamond formats and high balances.

But, the most remarkable thing about them is their technology. Most of them were developed specifically to increase power. One of the most incredible is CustomWeight.

This is a technology that allows you to increase the weight and balance of the racket to maximise power. This is achieved by adding small heavy parts to the structure, a technology that is not often found in other rackets.


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