4 October, 2022

Padel, has become popular because it is a very easy sport to practice for fun, but very difficult if what we want is to play well.

Today, it is the second most popular sport after football, and this is because it has had such a good impact on women and children.

Many are the ones who have fun, but few are the ones who play well both technically and tactically. Most of them play, but they wouldn’t know the name of a single professional padel player.

Different types of padel players, which one would you be in?

Each person, practices this sport for different reasons, there are undefined levels and therefore, perhaps it is the most difficult to manage in the clubs, when organizing events for users. I detail some of the profiles of players, to see if you are able to identify with some of the ones that I quote:

  1. Many are the ones who have got a broken padel racquet, and with a pair of shorts, T-shirt and slippers that they have at home and they don’t even have balls, they borrow them from the club and they have launched themselves to stay with three friends, rent a court and go have some fun.
  2. Others prefer to go a little further, make a small investment in buying the complete equipment (mid-range padel, specific padel shoes, and equipment), but remain self-taught because they see it as an easy sport to play and have fun.
  3. There are also those who sign up for classes because it is a fashionable sport and they have never played, but it seems that now, everyone has to know how to play padel to have a better social and working life.
  4. Those who play but want to beat their friends and that’s why they sign up for classes. Their goal is not to learn, just to win over their friend.
  5. Those who want to learn how to play and know a little more about the world of padel.
  6. Professionals who train to acquire more knowledge and then dedicate themselves to teaching padel as a way of life.
  7. Finally, professional padel players who train daily for many hours, in addition to training on the court, have a physical trainer, a psychologist and a nutritionist on their team, to be among the best in the world, and make a living playing padel.

Classes and playing padel are related

We have to know that padel lessons and the practice of this sport are related:

  • With the classes: we will avoid getting injured, besides getting more technical knowledge of all the strokes, we will also learn tactics and strategies, and we will be able to introduce ourselves and know more about the world of professional padel. We will enjoy it more, since we will be able to see beyond 4 boys or girls hitting a ball talking among themselves. We will meet new people to play and not always play with the same ones, which will socialize us more, since the clubs are in charge of making events so that we all participate, no matter what level we have. There are many videos that explain how to play padel, we can find them on YouTube, but the only place where we can learn is on a court, with a teacher, with the right material and practice.
  • Playing matches: this is the way to put into practice what we are taught in class, we will be able to see our progress, since in class the teacher will always throw the ball so that we can hit it, and in matches this will not be the case.

Tips for playing padel

  • Use a padel racquet according to your level of play, sex, and technique so you don’t get injured. With the right weight for you, and the right grip for your hand size. This is the most important thing.
  • Use padel shoes, with herringbone soles if possible, to avoid sprains and injuries.
  • Use good balls that are not worn out and without pressure or you will be injured.
  • Warm up for a few minutes before entering the court to play.
  • Try to take lessons once or twice a week.
  • Play a game or two a week.

My personal recommendation

We should go to a reference club in our area, where they will advise us on the material we should use, as well as offering us everything we might need according to the objective we have set.

Now it is time to put on the equipment, slippers, take the shovel and balls to jump on the padel court so that we can stick THE PADEL LIFE.

Cristina Martín Labarra
Coach and former professional padel player


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