4 October, 2022

Once we are clear that the shot should only be taken if we are sure that we are going to finish the point with this shot, it is up to us to know a little more about the padel tray, the shot that we will use the most when the ball comes to us from above and we are located at the net.

I don’t want to go into technique so much, because I would like us to learn what kind of tray to make depending on how we have to move.

Source: WPT

To make it easier to understand let’s imagine a cross, so that we are in the network and in the center of that cross (its technical name is control zone), we have different options:

  1. Walk forward.
  2. Walk backwards.
  3. Walk to the right.
  4. Walk to the left.

When we have to walk forward (point 1) we have to know that we will have to make an attack tray with which we will look for the ball to go fast, deep and that it does not rise much from the ground.

If we miss this ball, nothing happens, since the choice was right, and any ball we attack risks missing it. That’s why we have to train, to miss less.

When we have to move to the right (point 3) this will also be an attack shot, and this is when we have to take into account if we are playing on the right side of the court or on the backhand side, or if we are left-handed:

  • Forehand player: He will play the padel tray in parallel, attacking the ball from the right side (snake), deep (behind the line) and the objective is for it to touch the glass at the bottom, and with the english it goes out to the side wall or side fence.
  • Backhand player: He will do the same as the right-hand player, but throwing the ball across, looking for the back glass and then the glass, wall or side fence as well. This player does not need to attack the ball from the right side, although if he does, he will do more damage to the opponent.
  • Left-handed: when playing on the right side of the court we will do the same as the right-handed player who plays on the backhand side.
Source: WPT

Finally, we must be clear that the purpose of this ball is to finish the point, as we have to take advantage of the mistake the opponent has made of leaving us a relatively easy ball.

In the next post I will explain the containment or defense tray. I like this post and I promise you to make a video explaining all this.

Greetings and don’t forget to ENJOY THE PADEL LIFE

Cristina Martín Labarra
padel coach and former professional player


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