30 June, 2022

In recent years, rain has ceased to be an impediment to padel playing. The growth of this sport at a professional level in our country and the increase in the creation of indoor clubs throughout the Spanish territory has led to the can use of padel wherever and whenever you want, regardless of the weather.

However, it is true that one day we may get to find ourselves in the situation of having to play on outdoor courts after it has rained.

In these occasions, we have to know that the court will not be in the same conditions as always, the boat will be different and the ball will be heavier due to the humidity.

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If the ball weighs more, a strong hit in the net will not be highly recommended, as the ball will not have much exit and we will facilitate the hitting of the opponent.

Padel attack and defense

When attacking, you have to play balls with weight but that are not very fast, since these will not be very effective.

On the other hand, in defense you have to be careful when letting the ball pass to the glass, since it will die when you touch the glass (it will fall).

These weather conditions make it difficult to defend, as many times we will be forced to play boat soon, hitting the bag before it reaches the glass.

When we want to play the ball, we will have to be very careful, because as I mentioned at the beginning, the ball will be much heavier with the humidity and as the game goes on it will be even more so.

Padel advise

For that reason, it is advisable to play the ball entering with the shovel well under the ball and well flexed, in order to give a good start to the blow accompanying the ball upwards and with tension.

On rainy days, the game between the four players will be more evenly matched, the points will get longer and the possibility to define will be quite complicated.

On this type of track, the game benefits less aggressive players, while harming the more aggressive.

“The rainy days, the game will be evener, the points will be longer and the possibility of defining will be complicated”

Meli García Truchado

Padel rain are becoming less frequent, as more and more people are playing on covered tracks.

This has their pros and cons, because when it comes to playing outdoors they will have to adapt to the sun, air or high balloons.

Still, there are still people who prefer to play on open courts, especially when the weather comes, as they like to enjoy the benefits of outdoor sport.

Remember, the important thing is not where you play padel, the important thing is that you play and enjoy it, live the padel!
Meli Garcia Truchado
padel trainer


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