5 October, 2022

There is a wide variety of padel rackes on the market. And not only do we refer to a large number of brands, models and colours, but there are also different types of materials for their manufacture.

The components and materials with which the paddles are made influence their durability, performance and type of play. Below, we present a small guide to know what paddles are made of and what the differences are.

Source: Padelnuestro

The most used materials to manufacture padel rackets

Types of cores and rubbers

The core is one of the most important parts of the blades. It is the material inside, which is below the surface of the faces. It is from this area that all the control and power of the blades comes. Generally speaking, blades are divided into two types according to their core, there are those with an EVA core and those with a Foam core. In turn, these are divided into several types, such as Black Eva rubber, Soft rubber and Ultra Soft rubber, among others.

Eva Soft Rubber

This is the most popular rubber on paddleboards. This rubber is characterized by its soft touch, but also allows a power stroke. This is the most balanced rubber, you can say that it is a standard for most paddles. With this rubber, a balance between power and ball output is sought.

An example of this type of rubber can be found in shovels such as the Siux Diablo Luxury 1K and the Star Vie Metheora Warrior.

Eva Ultra Soft Rubber

This is the softest Eva-type rubber you can find. It is characterized by more elasticity and a softer touch. This type of rubber is usually used in control blades or in blades that have as a priority the comfortable and vibration-free hitting.

The great advantage of this rubber is that it has a greater rebound, with more ball output without having to use much force on the arm. The disadvantage is that its power is limited.

One of the best shovels of 2020 with an Ultra Soft Eva rubber is the Siux Tsunami All Black, a multipurpose shovel for professional players. Another great option could be the Black Crown Piton Limited, which has an Extra Soft Eva rubber core, one of the softest on the market.

Source: WPT
Black Eva Rubber

Black Eva is the rubber with the highest density. A rubber with a slightly harder feel, although it does not eliminate the absorbent properties of this material. This type of rubber is usually used in the blades that favour power.

One of the best paddles of the season with a Black Eva rubber is the Siux Fenix, a power weapon for aggressive players. In this section also highlights the Nox Nerbo WPT, a power blade inspired by the World Padel Tour, which has a core of rubber Black Eva several layers.


Foam material is completely different, it is a foam, not a rubber. Its main characteristic is its softness and elasticity, as well as its lightness.

This type of core is ideal for players looking for a soft touch, with a lot of bounce and the minimum amount of vibration.

Foam-cored blades are found to a lesser extent than blades with Eva rubber, but there is one brand that has always preferred Foam over Eva, the Head brand.

Head blades have that particular stamp, because they have managed to develop this foam core, but with a maximized power. Some of the best Foam-core blades are the Head Graphene 360 Gamma Pro and the Head Graphene 360 Gamma Motion.

Source: WPT
A third type of core: polyethylene

In addition to Foam and Eva, there is another material that is also used by other brands for the core of their blades, polyethylene. One of the great references of this material is Royal Padel.

Most of their paddles have this material, although some others have an Eva core or a hybrid core (combination of Eva and polyethylene).

The main quality of this material is in its softness, rebound and absorption of vibrations. This material could be more similar to the Foam core blades.

Some of the best paddles with a polyethylene core are the Royal Padel 30th Anniversary, the Royal Padel 790 Whip Polyethylene and the Royal Padel M27 Polyethylene.

Source: Padelnuestro

Most common blade frame materials

The frame is the component of the blade that surrounds the faces. This is the piece with the greatest thickness and hardness.

That is why high strength and density materials are usually used for this component. The most common types of frame are carbon, fibreglass and Kevlar.

Carbon frame

This is the most commonly used type of frame, due to its great balance between resistance, hardness and lightness. This is one of the most wear-resistant materials, extending the life of the blade. This material is generally found in shovels from intermediate level onwards.

Fiberglass frame

Fiberglass is used for the frame of some beginner level paddles, or paddles that have a lightweight construction aimed at comfort. The difference is that, fiberglass is less solid, therefore, the structure feels a little more flexible. This type of frame is often used for entry-level blades.

Kevlar frame

Kevlar frames are usually found on very exclusive blades. It is a material that is even a little more solid than carbon. Generally, this material is found in professional and high-end shovels.

One of the best blades with this type of frame is the Siux Pegasus Grafeno Silver. A multipurpose blade with a carbon-kevlar frame.

Source: Padelnuestro

Fibres used on the faces of the blades

With regard to the faces, there is a wide variety of materials for their manufacture. The most common is carbon fibre, which also has subdivisions such as 1K, 3K, 18K, and 24K carbon depending on its quality and hardness.

But there are also blades with innovative materials such as graphite or with more common materials such as fibreglass. One of the best blades with 12K carbon fibre faces is the Bullpadel Vertex 03 2021 by Maxi Sánchez.

Blades with fibreglass faces tend to have a slightly more comfortable feel, and are more recommended for players looking for control and comfort when hitting. One of the best examples is the new Nox ML10 Pro Cup Black Edition Arena, the blade inspired by Miguel Lamperti.

There are not many shovels with graphite on their faces on the market, but those that can be found are luxury shovels, aimed at the professional level. One of the best options is the Siux Pegasus Grafeno 1K, which has this material on the faces to increase the power when hitting.


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