4 October, 2022

In this video, Alejandro and Andrea, Nutwin’s nutritionists, recommend 3 basic and easy to find foods for any padel player.

According to the nutritionists, in order to be able to perform as well as possible in a padel match and reduce the risk of injury, we should not forget to carry these 3 foods in our pallet rack: a banana, some dried fruits and a bottle of water.

  • Banana: high content of magnesium and potassium.
  • Dried fruits: high energy and carbohydrate content of rapid assimilation.
  • Water: water is essential for good hydration.

If the playing conditions are very intense or it is very hot, it is recommended to use isotonic drinks as they will provide us with a good amount of sodium.

It should be remembered that a state of dehydration means a greater risk of muscle injury and less precision in the strokes so performance will be lower.

¡We hope you found these sports nutrition tips useful and that you will put them into practice at your padel matches!


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