29 September, 2022

Padel is the second most practiced sport in Spain and yet it is not one of the most important sports in the media in our country.

In spite of that, the panorama is not so dark, since for some years there have been some media specialized in this sport, as well as other generalist media that dedicate their space and time to this wonderful sport.

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Specialized online media


First of all, Padelspain stands out, a free online media that provides information about padel 24 hours a day.

Padelspain publishes the latest news about both professional and amateur padel, gathering at the same time the most useful and interesting advice for padel fans.

Padelspain was born in 2011 and is owned by Ediciones Digitales Siglo XXI, with the aim of covering a sport that was experiencing significant growth in Spain.

PadelSpain collaborates with the Spanish Padel Federation and the main brands of this sport. Its journalists have interviewed some of the best players of the WPT circuit like Ale Galán, Carolina Navarro, Marta Ortega, José Rico, Matías Díaz, Franco Stupaczuk, Bea González, Eli Amatriain…

The daily commitment, professionalism and journalistic rigor have made PadelSpain the reference newspaper in the padel world. A fact that makes that in THE PADEL INTERVIEW we are proud to have your support.


Another great media specialized in this sport is padelstar. The media was founded by Raul Domingo in 2007 as an online magazine.

In 2012, Padelstar began to sell sports equipment, thus creating the Padelstar store with the Padel Nuestro Group.

Today this store is among the 5 padel stores with the highest number of sales in the market.


PADELADDICT is another media specialized in this sport. Its creator, Antonio José Palacios Álvarez, created the website in 2012.

In the beginning, PADELADDICT was called Padel Trainer and had a didactic approach, but with time it acquired an informative course with the objective of following the current events of the professional padel.

We also highlight media such as padelworldpress or analistaspadel.com, newspapers that report on padel 24 hours a day.

On the other hand, we have to take into account palco23.com a website that provides padel information from an economic perspective.

Palco23.com is an independent project founded in 2014 and part of the Cinnamon News publishing group.

Finally, we should not forget generalist sports newspapers such as Marca, AS, EFE, Mundo Deportivo, EL PAÍS or La Razón that show interest in padel and make it grow with their information.

Karina Dutchak


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