4 October, 2022

Padel has great benefits for kids by helping them maintain their health, fostering social relationships and increasing their self-esteem and personal confidence.

However, some kids find it difficult to find a sport that motivates and is passionate about it. For this reason, in this article we will give you some tips that will make the children learn to play padel having a good time.

First of all, it is important to emphasize that a child does not always have to carry the shovel in his hand, since there are many games without shovel that are very important for the child to gradually acquire coordination and physical prowess.

Source: World Padel Tour

Padel kids

Coordination is essential for any sport, but even more so on the padel, since on the court the trips are fast and it is essential to have good coordination to be able to hit the ball correctly. For this reason, I think it is very important to start working on it as soon as possible.

To prevent the child from getting tired or bored from going to padel classes, the teacher must take dynamic classes. Technical exercises can be incorporated, but all of them must contain some kind of prize or reward.

An example would be to make a forehand or backhand cart and give the selde a point for each ball that passes to the opposite field. It can be done through team competition (right versus backhand competition) or individually.

You can also mark areas in which to steer the ball (depending on age and level) or place objects on the court you need to aim at. In this way, children will do the exercises, but in a more fun and enjoyable way for them.

Padel kids ideas

When making games without a shovel, you should choose exercises that help you on the go. Examples include:  

  • The worm: a very fun game for them and in which they are taught to move with sidesteps. The ball rolls down the ground and they have to pass it under the legs.
  • Chicken Killer: this game usually likes them a lot and allows them to pick up reaction speed. In it, the children stick to the wall/glass and the teacher throws soft balls for them to dodge. Each little one has a number of lives that he spends if the teacher manages to hit him with the ball.
Ideally, you can alternate this type of exercise so that children don’t fall into boredom and the class is as enjoyable and fun as possible.

If we talk about older children, we can do the same exercises as the ones we use with adults.

In that case, the class would be based on a technical part, consisting of exercises with tanks, and another tactical part in which a lot of live ball and game simulations are worked. It is very important that the exercises are adapted according to the level, but always prioritizing that children have fun and have a good time.

And remember, you don’t win or lose, you win or learn!

Meli Garcia Truchado
padel coach


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