29 September, 2022

adidas padel installs 3 new adidas FX2.0 padel courts on the roof of a shopping center in Osaka City, Japan.

Japanese cities have few free spaces for sports. But can you imagine being able to install padel courts on the roof of a shopping center? And can you imagine them 20 meters high?

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Last Sunday, November 22, PADELONE was inaugurated. An amazing project in the city of Osaka, with the installation of 3 adidas FX 2.0 courts on the roof of the 8th floor of the Frespo Shinkana mall.

Many ambassadors of the adidas padel team from Japan were present at the opening, as well as the authorities of the city.

The first person to enter the courts was Mr. Tamai, vice president of the Japan Padel Association, who gave several opening tips. Ayano Fujiki and Rina Fujiwara (3rd and 4th best players in Japan) were also present.

Padel is growing in Japan thanks to Seiritu, which exclusively distributes and installs the adidas courts designed and manufactured by AFP Court. This is the fourth club of Seiritu Co. Ltd. after Tokorozawa, Oimachi and Shinkana.

Source: adidas padel


Today in Japan there is a strict anti-seismic regulation. This makes the installation of a padel court a very difficult task, but everything is possible in Japan if you work with the Kaizen philosophy of “continuous improvement”.

With the installation of these 3 reinforced adidas courts, all structural design requirements for seismic resistance are perfectly met.

Source: adidas padel

The wind pressure against the glass walls has also been taken into account. This achievement results in safety for all players and citizens of Osaka City who will enjoy the best practice facilities.

New step in the internationalization of padel thanks to the best professionals, allowing Japanese fans to have more facilities to practice padel.


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