29 September, 2022

In this video, Guadalupe Gonzalez, sports physiotherapist, explains what are the most frequent injuries in padel, how to prevent them and what to do if you suffer any of them. You can’t miss it!

Padel is an explosive and unilateral sport, that is why it must be complemented with a complete sports training, always carried out by a professional person who knows the pros and cons of this sport.

The injuries produced by the practice of padel could be catalogued in several groups, since the human body should never be valued as a specific muscle or joint, but as a muscle and joint chain relating everything to everything:

  1. Upper train: we all know the famous tendonitis in the elbow and tendinitis in the rotator cuff (more specifically in the supra-spinous).
  2. Inferior train: here we could emphasize the muscular breaks, which increase more often in the winter because of inadequate heating or time required. We also have tendonitis in large muscle groups such as the Achilles tendon and the patellar tendon. And we can’t forgetting the ligaments in both the ankle and knee due to spinning unexpected or twisted.
  3. Back: Although it seems incredible, the lumbar and pelvis also suffer from bend over or get “that way” to get to that impossible ball.


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You can’t miss it!


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