15 August, 2022

By Jorge Gómez de la Vega (Star Vie’s CEO)

We were living in a situation of total growth in the padel world before this health crisis. The data prior to March 13 reflected a situation of sustained development in Spain, with more than 3,000 clubs and over 200 brands, as well as a notable increase in international trade. The export of padel courts to countries throughout Europe, America and Asia was reaching double-digit growth.

Undoubtedly, the interest of the padel fan has become very important in the last years. The professional World Padel Tour (WPT) circuit now has over one million followers on social networks and a very high audience, and is attracting interest from many countries to organize events. Another example of the success of amateur padel is the Estrella Damm National Padel Series, which today has more than 1,500 teams and 600 clubs registered.

Source: Star Vie

The impact of the Covid 19 on padel, as in the vast majority of sectors, has meant a dry spell of more than three months with ERTEs, shops and clubs closed, event companies on hiatus and brands with turnover totally paralyzed. Now comes a time of uncertainty, but optimism and a great desire to return to the sport on the courts, despite having a legislation unclear and interpretable.

“We’ll have to resort to ingenuity and new ways of operating to win over our customers

Jorge Gómez de la Vega

At this time we are not sure how and in what way this pandemic will impact the padel market. What is clear to me is that it will affect all areas of society and sport in particular. We will have to resort to ingenuity and new ways of operating in order to gain the loyalty of our customers and attract new ones.

As far as we are concerned, StarVie will continue to bet on its own manufacturing in Spain, because we are sure that it will allow us to adapt more quickly to the changes in the market and to the existing demand in order to give a totally personalized treatment to our customers, who will surely change their consumption habits.

For this reason, we are starting a new process of adaptation in which we have to redesign the distribution channels, forms of marketing and collaboration between all of us.

Jorge Gómez de la Vega
Star Vie’s CEO


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