30 June, 2022

Padel courts must meet certain minimum requirements in order for the sport to be officially practiced there, as explained by the competent bodies.

Besides the desire to play padel you have to do it in the right place. Not just any place is good enough, even more so when you are thinking of competing, because you have to find a place that meets the right dimensions and measurements to be able to adapt to the space in which you are going to play.

Thus, there are a number of requirements that a court must meet in order to be suitable for the development of this sport. These requirements are set out in the official regulations, which can be found at the Spanish Padel Tennis Federation (FEP).

Source: World Padel Tour


In order to be used in accordance with the regulations, all padel courts must have the shape of a rectangle with dimensions of 10 meters wide by 20 meters long, although a tolerance of 0.5% of variation is allowed. They can be made of synthetic grass, carpet or cement, always in blue, green or earthy-brown.

The total dimension of the space should be 200 square meters, in addition, the court will be divided symmetrically in half, in two parts of 10 by 10, ie 10 meters wide by 10 meters long.

The dividing lines drawn on the floor also have official dimensions, as they delimit the parts of the court and can intervene in the game, so they must be five centimetres thick. In addition, there must be a minimum distance of three metres between the serving line and the wall.

The minimum height to the ceiling on the indoor courts is six metres and they will be enclosed by walls measuring at least three metres, whether they are made of plastic, glass or simply walls.

Padel net

The division of the court is carried out through a tensile net placed by means of a 0.01 meter diameter cable. This must be 10 metres long, as well as 0.88 metres high in the centre and up to 0.92 at the ends, where two posts up to 1.05 metres high will be raised.

The net shall have a white band at the top which shall be between 5 and 6.3 centimetres long and inside which shall be the supporting cable. Advertising bands may be displayed on the net provided they do not exceed nine centimetres.

Source: World Padel Tour

Access and lighting

The accesses to the court must always be located on the sides, and you can choose whether to enable them on one side, on the other or on both. If it is decided that it will be on one side only, the free space must be at least 1.05 x 2 metres, while if access is on both sides of the court the minimum measurements will be 0.72 x 2 metres.

As far as lighting is concerned, padel courts must have at least four spotlights, always placed outside the court and with a height of six metres. These will have between 400 and 500 lux of power and at least 1000 lux if they are to be transmitted by television.

Miguel Muñoz
sports journalist


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