30 June, 2022

When we started practicing this sport we sometimes wondered why the padel court had sand. Today, I bring you the answer to this question so that you can get rid of this inner curiosity.

The first thing to know is how many types of surfaces there are in this sport, since there is not just one type of surface. There are currently three types: porous concrete, cement and artificial grass.

However, the latter material is usually the most widely used today and is the only one with the grain spread. 

Source: World Padel Tour

The function of sand

As for the sand, its function is more important than it seems, since thanks to it a more controlled and effective boat is obtained and it also helps to prevent injuries and slips.

Sand also benefits players when moving around during the game, prolonging the life of the turf, as without sand the wear and tear on the turf would be much more ephemeral.

On the other hand, sand prevents the growth of fungi or unwanted organisms that can arise from moisture.

The most commonly used type of sand is silica, with a grain size ranging from 0.5 to 0.8 mm.

For all these reasons, the maintenance of the courts has to be very controlled, since a periodic sweep must be made to spread the sand equally throughout the court, controlling that it accumulates in the bottoms, the center of the court and the limits of the net.

It is also very important to put the precise amount of sand, although this depends a little on the characteristics of each track and the type of grass.

Source: World Padel Tour

The important of care the court

The care of the court and the use of the sand is the main task to be taken into account by those who take care of the padel courts.

 To distribute the sand, there are special machines that spread it evenly from one side to the other, accumulating it where we have previously indicated. But, above all, where this element cannot be missing is in the areas where the players do most of their work: the serving area and the volleyball transition area.

Nerea Diaz- Maroto


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