16 August, 2022

Getting on the court with the right equipment is more important than you think. It is a fact that the type of garment chosen and the quality directly influence the player’s comfort and performance in the game.

That’s why the most renowned brands produce specialised clothing to meet the requirements of the sport of padel. A clear example is Asics padel clothing, which has long been one of my favourites.

However, there are now many brands that specialise in this market, so there is plenty to choose from. Do you want to know how to dress for the court? Find out below.

The right clothes to wear when taking to the court

Shoes: an element of high importance

Before talking about the most suitable clothes to play padel, it is important to talk about the shoes. The shoes to play padel have become a very important element, which is necessary to be able to jump on the court.

But why is it so important? Padel requires special footwear, which allows the player to move safely, adhering to the artificial grass and providing cushioning to the feet. If these elements are missing, the player can likely suffer discomfort, injuries and even poor performance.

That is why it is important to choose a shoe that has been created specifically for this sport. One of the clearest examples are the Asics men’s padel shoes, which have the aforementioned elements.

Some of the most famous models of this brand, for the 2021 season, are the Asics Gel Lima and the Asics Gel Resolution.

Source: PadelNuestro

What type of clothing is the most recommended for playing padel?

When it comes to padel clothing, you should also take to the court in the right clothes. It is always important to choose sportswear, created specifically for physical activity, to improve performance and feel more comfortable.

Padel clothing has different types of garments that go according to the needs and preferences of male and female players. The bottom garment most chosen by women is the skirt, as it is cool, very light and allows them to move freely.

However, there are also players who choose shorts or leggings. As for the upper garments, women can choose between tank tops, short-sleeved T-shirts or polo shirts.

There are also other types of clothing such as dresses, which are also very common in padel and other racket sports. All these garments are recommended for playing padel, whether in training or in matches.

In the men’s padel clothing catalogue, the options are a bit more limited, because there is a standard type of clothing: the t-shirt and shorts. Undoubtedly, that is the combination most chosen by men, as well as polo shirts.

Characteristics of a padel clothing suitable for the game

Whatever padel clothing you choose, it must have certain characteristics for better performance. These are the qualities that no padel clothing should be without:

  • Lightweight and soft fabrics.
  • Stretch materials for greater freedom of movement.
  • Quick-drying technologies to wick away sweat.


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