4 October, 2022

In this video, Daniel Cañas del Mazo, padel coach graduated from the FEP and a good connoisseur of padel in Chile, will tell us what padel is like in the Latin American country.

According to Daniel, in Santiago, Chile, there are a lot of players who volley and finish very well, but unlike padel in Spain, they don’t make much use of the balloon or the changes of rhythm in the game.

The second difference lies in the climate, as there is very little wind in Santiago de Chile compared to areas such as Madrid.

Also, you have to take into account that being such a diverse country the game varies a lot depending on the area where you play.

Another big difference lies in the third half, as in Spain after a padel match players usually have something to drink (usually a beer) after playing.

In Chile, due to cultural and circumstantial reasons, the third typical Spanish time is not carried out but usually (1-2 times per week) some tournaments with asados are carried out that according to Daniel, they have to be very rich.

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