30 September, 2022

Padel is becoming more fashionable every day and its benefits bring both toning and fun.

If gyms aren’t your thing, this sport is perfect for getting your body in shape and enjoying the outdoors. However, the idea that this game is a physical activity that hardly requires physical effort is in the minds of many but it really is not.

Here we tell you the various benefits that this sport offers.

The benefits of playing padel

The most demanded body parts when it comes to challenging are usually the legs and buttocks, so padel is the ideal sport, since it is an intense exercise that forces you to keep your legs in constant movement so you tonify the buttocks.

In addition, padel is also a cardiovascular activity exercise with which many calories are burned (in a game of padel can be burned between 400 and 700 calories).

Playing padel two or three times a week will bring you great benefits, as you will improve physically and style your figure.

On the other hand, on the padel you will not only train the legs because because the arms and abdomen are also put into operation in the practice of this magnificent sport.

Source: World Padel Tour

Also, when you play a match you will improve without realizing the speed, coordination and power, due to the constant changes of pace that this sport forces you to perform if you want to return the ball properly to the other field.

Don’t forget that mental health is also important and in this sport, the mind is also part of the game.

And most importantly, enjoy the padel, as it is a game that will bring you the disconnection and fun you need to reduce the stress of your day to day.

Nerea Díaz-Maroto


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