29 September, 2022

The transportation of the equipment is a concern for padel players. It is understandable that we all seek protection for our padel, as it is the most important tool in our equipment, and it is not cheap.

That is why we created the padel bag and backpacks. However, there are different types of padel racks, which vary in size, materials and needs.

Types of padel bags and backpacks

The classic padel bag

The padel bag is the most popular form of transportation. A type of suitcase that has a large main compartment and usually has padel shaped pockets on the sides.

These are the most chosen by players looking for versatility in their transportation, with maximum capacity for their equipment and comfort in transportation.

In turn, the padel bag has different types, which are divided by their size, materials and compartments.

  • Extra large padel bag: With this type of padel bag we are looking for the largest capacity to carry even more belongings. A well known example is the Bullpadel Big Capacity padel bag, characterized by its large size and space. These are the most recommended for players who need extra space to carry everything to training.
  • Small padel bags: These padel bags have the same shape, with exclusive compartments for the padel and an additional one for other pieces of equipment. However, they are small in size. This makes them ideal for players who carry less equipment and are looking for something lighter.
  • Padel bags with additional protection: These pallet racks are characterised by having compartments for the blades made of rigid materials. This feature can be included in both large and small padel bags, but also in suitcases, bags and backpacks.

Suitcase type padel bag

There are also suitcases that were designed for the transportation of padel equipment. The suitcases are probably the largest, with the largest capacity and compartments that allow you to carry padel equipment, but also personal items.

This type of suitcase is usually used by players who are travelling or moving to a distant location, in order to transport even more belongings.

Due to their large size and capacity, many of the suitcase type padel bag usually have castors to facilitate transportation.

If you are a serious player who often travels to other cities to participate in tournaments, this option may be the most ideal for you.

Padel backpacks

The padel backpack is the most popular means of transportation for equipment after the padel bag. This accessory is the same as the rucksack or backpack you know, which you carry on your back.

The padel backpacks were created for a more comfortable and lighter transportation.

They usually have room for a padel, as well as small pockets for accessories and personal items. The backpacks are ideal for players who only want to carry the essentials for training and matches.

Padel shoe cover

This is the simplest form of transportation for a padel. It is a case in which only one padel can be stored. The covers were created for those who do not need to carry any kind of accessory or additional equipment.

Many new padel already include a cover at the time of purchase, but if they do not, they can be purchased separately and at a low cost.


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