4 October, 2022

In my previous article I explained which aspects have to be taken into account to make the offensive or attack tray. In this post I will explain some details about the offensive or defense tray, one of the most useful strokes in paddle tennis at an amateur level.

In a match there will be times when we are at the net and in our control zone and a ball comes to us in which we have to walk backwards or to the left, that is when we will make a containment or defense tray.

If we walk backwards, our body posture is defensive so we should not try to attack the ball when our body posture is defensive.

Source: WPT

The goal with this type of tray should not be to win the point, the goal should be not to lose the net. But just because we don’t want to lose the net doesn’t mean that we have to leave an easy ball on the contrary. That’s why our tray should be played:

  • With a margin above the net, so that the opponent can’t make an early boat shot.
  • Let’s go slow so that we have time to get back to the net, to our control zone.
  • That the direction is towards the peak where the side fence ends or the side glass so that the opponent has no choice but to wait at the back of the track.

If we hit this several times in one game, it’s possible that the opponent will go ahead to look for the counter-attack. In this case, our partner should tell us so that we can change the play and vary the direction or speed of the blow.

By doing this we may fail, as changing a hit at the last minute is not easy. Even so, by varying the hit we will make the opponent hesitate to strike back again or wait in the background on the following points.

If we play on the right side, when the ball comes up high and to our left we should not hit it as we should let our backhand partner do the hitting as he is the one who goes face up while we go back to the ball.

Source: WPT

Finally, we have to know that professionals train daily the physical aspect to be able to move fast and not have to make so many containment trays. The faster our feet and legs are, the better we can position ourselves to be able to hit the ball correctly.

These concepts that we have learned today, have to start practicing once we have the tray technique already defined. For that reason it is important to choose a good teacher who knows how to teach everything we have learned in this article.

Shall we jump on the track and see all this? I like this post and I promise to make a video explaining all this.

Greetings and don’t forget to ENJOY THE PADEL LIFE

Cristina Martín Labarra
padel coach and former padel player


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