30 September, 2022

Choosing a padel racket is one of the most important tasks of all players. It is the most important tool for the game, which has to be tailored to your needs and playing style.

Below is a short list of some of the best padel rackets of this season, as well as the different types that exist.

Choose the perfect padel racket to take to the track in 2020

Types of padel rackets according to the style of play

There are three types of padel rackets on the market depending on the style of play: power padel rackets, control padel rackets and multipurpose padel rackets.

Power padel rackets

These padel rackets were created for offensive players. This type of padel rackets develop a more aggressive style and are more suitable for strong strokes using all the strength of the arm.

The power rackets are characterized by a slightly more solid touch, an essential feature for power.

Control padel rackets

These blades emphasize control over power, focusing more on precision and handling when hitting the ball. These types of padel rackets are good for technical players, who do not need as much power and who prefer a more strategic and defensive game.

Control padel rackets tend to have a softer feel and a more comfortable feel when playing with them.

Multipurpose padel rackets

These types of blades have a versatile playing style, that is, they seek to balance control and power. A versatile padel racket can be used by any type of player, regardless of their style.

Choose the right padel racket for your level of play

Most padel brands divide their padel racket into ranges that focus on each level of play. Generally speaking, padel racket are divided into beginners’ padel racket, intermediate padel racket, advanced padel racket and padel rackets for professionals or competition.

  • Initiation padel rackets: These padel racket are characterized by a lot of control and softer materials for learning the player.
  • Intermediate padel rackets: These padel racket begin to have materials that are used in the high ranges, for players who have learned the basics of padel.
  • Advanced padel rackets: The advanced blades already have technology and luxury components, for experienced players who are looking for the professional level.
  • Professional padel rackets: These are the top of the range padel racket, with more technologies and components to maximize control and power. These are the padel racket used in matches and tournaments at competition level.

Some of the best padel rackets of 2020

Bullpadel Vertex 02 2020

Maxi Sanchez’s padel racket is one of the season’s favorites. A power padel racket for professional players. The Bullpadel Vertex 02 boasts one of the most advanced fibers on the market for its faces, the Xtend Carbon fiber.

In addition, it features technologies such as reducing vibrations, modifying its balance and increasing power.

Adidas Adipower 2.0

This is the most powerful padel racket in the Adidas 2020 collection. A power weapon for professionals, with an oversized diamond format with a large sweet spot. This padel racket has a solid carbon construction with one of the most reactive rubbers for a fast ball output.

Siux Pegasus Grafeno 1K

This is the update of the Pegasus, the most famous padel racket of Siux. It is a versatile weapon for competitive players. This blade offers a perfect balance between control and power, with a solid carbon construction.

This blade has great detail, including graphite on the faces to bring control, power and durability to the highest level.

Black Crown Piton 8.0

The Black Crown Piton 8.0 is the official padel racket of Eli Amatriain. A multi-purpose padel racket with a solid carbon and fiberglass construction. This blade is excellent for reducing vibration and preventing epicondylitis, along with an excellent balance between control and power.

Babolat Viper Carbon

The Babolat Viper Carbon is the official padel racket of Juan Lebron, one of the best padel players in the world. It is a 100% power weapon, for professionals who are looking for the most aggressive game. This padel racket has a solid carbon construction in a diamond format.


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