4 October, 2022

The farewell to Maradona has taken over the social networks of the World Padel Tour players, showing their condolences and admiration.

The death of Diego Armando Maradona has shaken the world this end of November. There are many voices crying out to heaven for the loss of the idol and others for the disproportionate reaction of Argentine crack fans, but what is clear is that his death has been like his life and has left no one indifferent.

The life of the mythical ’10’ was plunged into the most absolute chaos, a vortex that not everyone is prepared to live, perhaps not even Maradona himself.

Regardless of what some may think, the truth is that the relevance of the Argentinean star goes far beyond the sport of soccer and is that his charisma and his way of being hooked millions of people, especially his compatriots.

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For Argentina, Diego was a God, for Argentina, Maradona was who avenged them from the Malvinas that glorious summer and as such, Argentina mourns him beyond the borders of the soccer world.

A large part of the World Padel Tour circuit is made up of players of Argentinean nationality, and for this reason, the displays of pain and admiration have not been slow in coming to light by the best padel players in the world.

Maxi Sanchez, number five in the WPT ranking, thanked his compatriot on his Twitter account with an emotional message: “Rest in peace Genius! Thank you for taking those beautiful colors to the top of the world, for defending them, for making us feel so much love, passion and so many beautiful things for our Argentina”.

The same social network also said goodbye to the Argentinean star who has been number one in the sport for eleven years, Fernando Belasteguín, who shared an image of the idol with a message that read “Thank you”.

This is the most widespread word among all those who admired Maradona. The gratitude for what he did with the Argentine elastic flooded the social networks of the WPT circuit players after the news of his death.

The padel legend Sebastian Nerone, dedicated a “Thank you for everything, Diego”, also on Twitter.

But the messages have not only come from Argentine players. Juan Lebrón and Pablo Lima, number two and four in the professional circuit, have also shown their condolences for the news. The Spaniard left a video on his Instagram profile with a message that began with a “DEP D10S”.

While the Brazilian remembered on Twitter the experiences he has had with his Argentinean colleagues around the figure of Maradona: “One of the things that impressed me the most (for good) when I started living with the Argentines is their affection for Diego. No matter how old he is, everyone admires him and forgives his mistakes. Today I want to accompany all of them is the feeling”.

From these lines, and following the trail of Lima, in THE PADEL INTERVIEW we join the farewell of the ’10’, because apart from all the bad things he could or could not do outside the playing fields, in the green he made millions of people happy, those who these days are united around a phrase: “Rest in peace, Diego“.

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