2 July, 2022

How many times have we faced better partners than us? Maybe you sign up for a tournament and at the very first moment, you have to battle with a better partner than you.

Well, in this article we will give you some tips on how to play padel against superior opponents.

Source: WPT

Tips for playing padel against superior opponents

1. You stand to lose, so at least have fun

Accept that the most likely thing that can happen is that you will not win. Therefore, take the pressure off yourself and try to play relaxed, knowing that your opponents have the most to lose a priori, as they are the clear favourites to win the match.

Since you are not going to win, try to take the opportunity to play with players you are not used to, and from whom you can learn many valuable aspects for your future matches.

2. The opposing partner will show less intensity

The opponents know that they are superior so it is likely that when they start the match they will be half-hearted.

The point is, if you manage in the early stages of the match to show maximum intensity, coupled with a good version of your game, the opponents may be surprised and start to doubt what strategy to take throughout the match.

3. Don’t give up before you’ve even started

Knowing that we are going to play against superior opponents should not make us lower our arms, but on the contrary, we must show all our desire to be able to extend the match as long as possible.

However long the match lasts, we have to make the most of the opportunity to play against someone better than us and learn positive lessons for the future.

4. Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your rivals

As soon as you enter the court start studying your opponents, you don’t have a second to lose. It is important to analyse your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses from minute one.

Once you find them, it’s time to implement the strategy to make them play their worst version of the game.

For example, if we see that the backhand player has a spectacular forehand volley, try to load the game more towards the forehand player’s volley.

Now, if we see that a player is not having a good day with a certain shot… try to make him play it as much as possible!

Source: WPT
5. Set short-term goals

At this point, it is very important to take advantage of the breaks between games to analyse the situation with our partner.

This will allow us to very small details in each break, so that we can focus on those details that, in the previous games, we did not carry out.

6. Keep focused

Try to show continuity in your attitude towards the match. It is very difficult to maintain it throughout a match, as we usually have ups and downs, but if you are mentally very involved in the match, you will make far fewer “silly mistakes” throughout the match.

And, this sum of not making “silly mistakes” at the end of the match will be reflected positively on the scoreboard.

Source: WPT
7. The start of the match will mark a before and an after

If you can make a difference at the start of the game, your chances of winning the match will increase dramatically.

What’s more, if you manage to keep the score even in the early stages of the match, your opponents will be plunged into a sea of doubt, which at the end of the match can change the outcome of the game.

8. Think about the last time you were beaten by an inferior partner.

Surely on some occasion, you have faced an inferior opponent and, due to circumstances that arose, you lost.

Think about what could have led those opponents to beat you in a match that, theoretically, was a match to win clearly.

9. Start the game before them

It is advisable to arrive early at the club. Arriving 30 minutes early is more than enough. If there is a free court at the club, warm up and play with your partner.

Being able to start the match at 100%, in terms of feeling, will significantly increase your chances and your attitude towards the match.

All these tips won’t help you win, but they will get you one step closer to at least trying!

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