5 October, 2022

Miguel Lamperti is one of the best padel players in the world. Miguel Lamperti is known for his incredible finishing touches and his charisma in competition. At 42 years old, the eternal smile of the padel is happy with his new life and looking forward to continue playing in the World Padel Tour.

The director of THE PADEL INTERVIEW, Daniel Gamarra Peñalver, was able to interview this padel legend and this is what he told him:

  • How is Miguel Lamperti doing at the moment? (personally and professionally)

On a personal level I feel very good. For a couple of years now I have had a very special companion by my side (his wife Noelia) who accompanies me in good and bad times. It is a different life in many aspects, but I am very happy.

In the professional field this year is being difficult because of the Covid 19. Luckily the World Padel Tour is making a huge effort so that the tournaments can go ahead.

Bergamini and I are managing to achieve a fairly good level of padel in the last few tournaments, but we are still a little short of achieving our goals.

Source: World Padel Tour
  • Why did you choose Lucas Bergamini as your partner this 2020?

I chose Lucas Bergamini because I wanted to play with someone who had the same characteristics as my previous teammates on the drive.

I was looking for a conventional right-wing player. Someone young and fast who would fail little and be conservative in his game. I wanted to have someone on the side who would give me a lot of confidence so that I could play a little more freely and help me in defense.

  • Will we see the Lamperti-Bergamini couple for many more years?

I really like playing with Bergamini, he is a great professional and the truth is that we are playing better every day.

In padel the results are in command

Miguel Lamperti

However, I’ll be honest with you Dani, in this sport the results are in command. If the results go well we will continue together. I hope that this is the case, since we are doing our best to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves as a couple this year.

Source: World Padel Tour
  • What goal have you and Lucas set for yourselves this season?

The first objective is to be able to play the Master at the end of the year. The sensations that we have training and playing lately are very good. If there is something that needs to be improved, it is the ability to close the matches.

  • How would you evaluate the sports results you have achieved as a couple so far?

If I had to put a note I think I would put a 6 out of 10. I value positively winning two heads of series as Javi Ruiz and Uri Botello on two occasions. But I think we should have been able to close the two quarter-final matches.

Source: World Padel Tour
  • You are currently the 20th player on the WPT. What position would you like to be in at the end of the year?

More than a specific position, what I want is to play loose, to play the way I like. To feel like a winning player and try to be as high as possible in the World Padel Tour ranking.

  • You have been playing padel at a professional level for more than 20 years. How has padel changed in these years?

The truth is that he has changed in everything. The padel we used to play years ago was a more home-made one. Kids today are much more professional. Now they have a physiotherapist, a nutritionist, a physical trainer, a sports psychologist…

“The padel of years ago was a more homely padel”

Miguel Lamperti

This has happened because of the professionalization of padel and I think it is very positive for the growth of this sport.

Source: World Padel Tour
  • What couple do you see as your favorite to win number 1 this season?

Without a doubt for me the couple to beat is the Lebron and Galan couple.

Juan Lebrón is the best padel player in the world today. Lebron is a very complete player who can play both right and left. He also has a huge physique and a huge facility with the padel racket in his hand. I think Lebron is a monster of a padel player.

On the other hand, Ale Galán plays a different kind of padel. He is a player who can win you the point in two or three shots. He plays a different padel.

  • During the toughest periods in sports last year, did you ever think about retiring?

Yes, the truth is that I did think about retiring. From September of last year were very bad months because Juani’s injuries and virus prevented us from competing 100%. I trained a lot at that time but it was still very difficult to compete and win games.

“I’ll retire when I don’t enjoy myself on the court and my physique can’t take it. Until then I want to keep playing padel”

Miguel Lamperti

It was very hard on a mental level, since I didn’t trust myself, some even told me that I was old and slow and that what was happening was normal.

Luckily, I have overcome that stage and I have found again good sensations in my game so for the moment the moment of my retirement is still far away.

I’ll retire when I don’t enjoy the court and the physique can’t stand me. Until then I want to keep playing padel.

Source: World Padel Tour
  • On a personal level, in these last two years important things have happened in your life (among them you got married) Are you happy? Are you still excited about the idea of being a father?

I am very happy. As I told you before, my life has changed a lot in the last two years since I share my life with Noelia.

“Noelia is always with me, in good times and bad”

Miguel Lamperti

Noelia is always with me, both in good times and in bad. I am very happy to have her by my side. I have found a great balance with her.

About your second question, I think Noe and I are fine right now. We are enjoying our courtship. At some moments I think about it and the truth is that I would love to be a father, but at other moments I am not so sure. Time will tell.

  • Will the fans see Miguel Lamperti winning a World Padel Tour tournament again?

I train every day to make that happen. I want to win. I have the same desire and illusion as when I started playing 20 years ago. So I hope I can give my fans some joy very soon.

Daniel Gamarra Peñalver


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