4 October, 2022

Marta Ortega Gallego, number two in the World Padel Tour ranking, has given to our partner Javier Rosado Fernández a revealing interview.

Martita told to The Padel Interview about her feelings, expectations and motivations at the start of the season with her new partner, Beatriz Gonzalez, with whom she assures she has a great complicity on and off the court.

  • What has it meant for you to become number one in the world? What is the secret of success?

It’s a dream and a life goal fulfilled, becoming number 1 in your sport is something incredible. I think there are no secrets, it’s about working and doing it very hard and much harder than the rest. It’s the only way to get closer to the goal.

  • What is the game you hold most dearly in your entire career?

There are many, I couldn’t tell you one in particular. Luckily, in all my sporting career I’ve had some incredible games. I could highlight the final in Cordoba in 2019, a game in which the pressure was transformed into satisfaction.

  • What made you choose Bea as your partner? What goals do you set for yourself with her this year?

I would highlight their youth, their variety and joy in the game, as well as the project for the future that we can have together. We’re both very competitive and obviously we want to win as many games as possible.

On the other hand, we are aware that we are a new couple, we have to continue working to understand each other and read each other’s moves, but be assured that we are going to give a lot of war.

Source: World Padel Tour
  • When you finish your medical degree, what will you do? Do you want to combine the two jobs? What is the specialty of medicine you would like to do?

I have to finish it first. Maybe I’ll postpone the MIR for a while so I can focus only on padel, but then who knows…  

The specialty is not 100% clear to me. I’m sure I want to be in the operating room and in traumatology, I like it very much but right now there are many specialties that I like. I’m sure I’ll be comfortable in the one I choose.

“I’m a constant worker, I want to get better every day”

Marta Ortega
  • What is your greatest quality?

I think I’m a constant worker. I’m very clear that everything can be improved and I always want to keep going one step further, so I grit my teeth at every training session to try and achieve this.


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