6 October, 2022

Padel is a dynamic sport with a very high speed of play that requires efficient and high quality lighting.

Good lighting that does not cause glare, reproduces colours well and has neutral tones is essential for playing a good game of padel.

Depending on the surface on which you play, indoors and outdoors, the lighting is different. Outdoor padel courts are facilities where the location of the projector is marked, usually six meters high on the sides of the court and with the projectors located in four columns.

Source: Schreder

On the other hand, indoor padel courts are more diverse, although they usually use zenithal lighting with symmetrical distributions on the court itself.

The most important thing to know about padel court lighting is that you should take care of your projector, because if you take care of it, it will be more difficult to have a glare during the game and it will save us from missing a shot because of a glare.

“The most important thing to know about padel court lighting is to take care of the projector”

Miguel Ángel Ramos

At Schreder, we design optics and projects that meet the requirements described above, using the best LEDs available on the market in terms of efficiency, colour reproduction and light emission.

Our projectors are designed to avoid direct glare which guarantees the best visibility in padel. Also, our lights are wrapped with the best possible mechanics, which optimizes their thermal management and makes our projects more durable, reliable and efficient.

Padel is a sport in constant growth and with an incredible potential for development and evolution. For this reason, at Schreder we believe that the lighting of padel courts must be of the right height and meet your needs for play, efficiency and connectivity.

Miguel Ángel Ramos
technical director of Schreder Spain


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