30 September, 2022

If we hear about the number one player on the World Padel Tour, it is possible that the name Juan Lebrón Chincoa, better known as The Wolf or Juan Lebrón, comes to mind, a player who is still at the top of the world padel alongside his current partner Alejandro Galán.

That’s why we at The Padel Interview are going to offer you a brief biography of one of the most important players in padel today.


Juan Lebron’s beginnings in padel

The player from Cadiz, born in Puerto de Santa María, already stood out when he was a child, becoming the youngest Spanish junior champion in the history of national padel.

In his interviews, the Spanish player always claims to be a simple, cheerful and very grateful for everything that padel has given him.

Professional career

Little by little he entered the World Padel Tour, where in 2016 he played with Gabi Reca and climbed positions to reach number 30 in the ranking.

In 2017 he started the WPT season with Marcello Jardim but, due to various circumstances, he finished it with Adrián Allemandi.

During that season he played some good matches that helped him to continue climbing up to number 19.

The 2018 season changes partners and forms a solid alliance with Juan Cruz Belluati. In the first tournament of the season, the Catalunya Master, they reached their first final as a pairing after winning in a heart-stopping semifinal against the number 1 pairing: Fernando Belasteguín and Pablo Lima. However, in the final they lost to Sanyo Gutierrez and Maxi Sanchez.

At the end of the year, in October Lebron and Belluati stopped being partners. From then on, Juan Martin Diaz became their new sporting partner until the end of the year.

In 2019 he starts alongside Paquito Navarro and both will have a season to remember.


Despite the good results, Paquito and El Lobo parted ways in 2020. It was then that Ale Galán crossed El Lobo’s path.

And the truth is that these two young players have been doing well since they came together. Because TODAY they are the undisputed number 1 of the World Padel Tour. Will they still be in 2021?

We at THE PADEL INTERVIEW can’t wait to find out – what do you think?

Paula Rodríguez Monterrubio


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