29 September, 2022

Carlos Daniel Gutiérrez (San Luis, Argentina, 1984), better known as Sanyo Gutiérrez has attended The Padel Interview in a live interview in his official Instagram.

In the interview Sanyo Gutierrez has talked to us about his goals for this season, as well as his recent sporting past. If you haven’t been able to watch the interview live, here is the most relevant part of it, you can’t miss it!

  • How are you living these days of home confinement?

These days of confinement I am training physically every day to stay in good shape. It’s easier for me to carry on psychologically since I’m with Valeria and Bruno.

  • What do you think changed in the Sanyo and Maxi couple from 2018 to 2019? What was the trigger for the separation?

Until the last moment, we were not clear about whether to separate or not. It is true that during the season we had some difficult moments in which we always remained united but yes, they were hard.

I think the separation came about because neither of us were sure we could get through another year together in the same way, as we didn’t want it to happen again. For that reason, we decided to finish our stage when everything was fine and not like in the first stage where we ended up very worn out.

  • What purposes do you have with Franco Stupaczuk for this 2020?

We have come together to be the number one couple in the world, we prepare for it every day. Even if we don’t end up in that position, that’s always going to be the intention.

  • Why did you choose Stupa as your partner to play with you this year? What do you like most about him as a partner?

Stupa was the one that showed me the most hunger. I wanted to fight to be as high as possible.

What I like most about him is that he has an incredible physical display but at the same time he is very mature mentally. Having so many physical skills requires a lot of mental strength.

  • How would you rate your first tournament together? What do you think was missing from your semi-final against Galán and Lebrón?

The tournament was very good, we showed a great level. As for the match against Galán and Lebrón, we didn’t lack anything, we did everything that needed to be done. Maybe we lacked luck. I think we dominated most of the game. In such evenly matched games, it’s luck that determines the outcome.

  • Which couples do you think are stronger this season?

Paquito and Lima don’t lose, you can beat them, but they don’t lose, it’s the same as with Maxi and Mati, both couples see padel the same way.

On the other hand, Galán and Lebrón are going to be very dangerous, especially on fast courts.

I think Bela and Tapia’s couple will also fight for everything this year, just like us. I say this without underestimating the rest of the couples on the circuit who I know train very hard to improve in each tournament.

  • How do you think padel will be after Covid 19? How do you think it will affect you professionals?

I get a little lost, since I don’t know him, he scares me. We all hope to play again, but padel depends a lot on the audience.

We are a sport that depends a lot on the people who are going to watch it in person, since we are not a sport that generates a lot of money on a television level, as football can be. 2020 could be a complicated year for padel.

Source: World Padel Tour
  • This year you have a great gift at home, your boy Bruno. How are you and Valeria doing with your mother and father’s work?

Very happy, I can’t tell you if it’s good or bad, because raising a child is a task that everyone does in their own way and with what they have been taught. It’s the only career in which you get a degree and then you have to study.

  • Any advice for padel lovers in these difficult days?

I personally am watching a lot of old padel matches on YouTube. I’m looking forward to the end of 2013. I didn’t remember there was no commentator, it’s very curious hahaha.


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