30 June, 2022

Carlos Daniel Gutiérrez (San Luis, Argentina, 1984), better known as Sanyo Gutiérrez, attended The Padel Interview in a live interview on his official Instagram.

In this second part of the interview, Sanyo has talked about his most recent sporting past and some curiosities related to professional padel. At the same time, Sanyo has shared his impressions on other issues related to the padel world.

No, I think if it was, it wasn’t meant to be. We’re both very much leaders. In a pair of padel players, it’s essential to have a captain, but with two it’s more difficult. Therefore, it will remain in the history of padel as a beautiful rivalry.

  • Why did I end up with Paquito Navarro?

On a sporting level we did very well, but we had two very strong characters and it was difficult to follow because we crashed a lot on the court.

  • Is your relationship with Paquito good?

We’re not friends, but we get along. In the professional world with the players you’re playing for, it’s hard to be friends.

Source: World Padel Tour
  • What do you think about Agustin Tapia?

He’s a very talented player, very easily. Anyway, for me he has a lot to improve still. He has to keep improving many technical things to keep growing.

As an Argentinean I would like Agustin not to win so much today, but to keep improving. When you get the results you worry more about winning than improving. He’s doing a crash course with Bela every day right now. I’m happy that he represents us as an Argentinean, and I’d love to see many more good people come out of Argentina.

  • Who is the best padel player today?

The best player for me is Pablo Lima. There are players who exceed Pablo’s level at times, but I think he is the most consistent.

Source: World Padel Tour
  • What difference do you see between Spanish and Argentinean padel?

In Spain, almost 100% of the tests on the professional circuit are played. In Argentina everything is more delayed than in Spain.

“In Argentina there are great coaches, even better than the coaches who sit on the WPT benches”

Sanyo Gutierrez

In Argentina, padel is not seen on television. There are many teachers there who nobody knows and who are great trainers, even better than coaches who sit on a World Padel Tour bench.

The players who come from Argentina to Spain already have a very good base, and that’s thanks to the great teachers there.

  • What do you think about the international expansion of padel?

We can become a big sport. It has everything to be, but we all have to pull in the same direction.

We have tennis as a reference to know what works better and worse. We are the tennis of 50 years ago, let people not forget that padel is still a small sport.


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