29 September, 2022

Juan Lebrón Chincoa, number two in the World Padel Tour ranking, has granted our partner Angie Benavides Castillo a spectacular interview.

Juan Lebron has told The Padel Interview about his feelings, expectations and motivations for this beginning of the season together with his new partner, Alejandro Galán, with whom he assures to have a great complicity both on and off court.

  • After finishing last year as number 1 with Paquito Navarro, why did you make the decision to separate? What is the relationship with Paquito like now?

Paquito and I made the decision to separate because we needed something different. Today, the relationship with Paco is good, we’ve always gotten along.

  • Why did you choose Alejandro Galan as your partner to play with you this year? What would you highlight about him as a partner? What can you bring to each other?

Alejandro is a partner who brings me all the way, both personally and sportively. I’ve always said it, I identify a lot with him because he’s a hard worker and he’s an animal training every day.

He brings a lot to my game, he’s got incredible confidence. You never know what he’s going to do with the ball and I love his game, so I think we’ve bonded very well.

Source: World Padel Tour
  • How would you rate your first tournament together? What did you lack to win the title?

The first tournament was very good for both of us, I think we will go further.

I think that we didn’t win the final in Marbella because of details, it could fall on our side or on his, in the end it fell on his. You always have to take the positive out of your experiences and think about the next tournament. 

  • It has always been said that to play padel you don’t have to be as fit as in other sports, you just have to know how to position yourself well on the court. Do you agree?

I don’t agree with that at all, padel is getting more physical and more professional every day. That saying is a thing of the past.

Source: World Padel Tour
  • During this quarantine, what is your training routine?

My routine’s been pretty good and positive. I have treadmills, weights, ladders and a few other things to keep me in shape, and every now and then I do a little shoveling on the lawn with my dad so I don’t lose my touch.

  • Among the new couples, which ones do you see as having the most potential to be number one this season? Which couples have surprised you in this first tournament of the year?

It’s going to be a very nice war for number one, they’re all at a very good level, so we’ll have to keep working harder than ever to reach our goal.

Source: World Padel Tour
  • ¿What do you think about the new “golden point” rule? Do you have a strategy for dealing with it when the situation arises?

The golden point is something new for everyone and it’s very different, but I’m not going to lie to you, I liked the deuce better and the advantage hahahaha.

The truth is that we have worked a lot on these situations. The coaches have pretended to be in those difficult situations and taught us to stay strong mentally.

  • We recently saw you on La Resistencia. How do you rate your time on a show with such a large audience?

I had a great time! David Broncano is a great guy and so is his whole team. I had a great time and I could laugh a lot, I wish I could go back. The Resistance is a different scenario than what I’m used to.

Angie Benavides Castillo


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