2 July, 2022

Juan Mieres Petruf, better known as Juani Mieres, player number 13 of the World Padel Tour ranking, returns to the courts with a new partner, Alvaro ‘Chiqui’ Cepero.

It wasn’t the best season for the couple that the Bahia Blanca player formed with Javi Garrido. “It was a very hard year on a sporting level,” confesses Mieres.

“We could not train and prepare the year as we wanted to. The results were not being as expected, so we decided to dissolve the couple for the last two tournaments and try to change this situation to get back to confidence, “says the professional padel player.

Source: World Padel Tour

Mieres announced the sadness of this breakup through his social networks and wished his already ex-partner all the best: “WHAT HARD… SEPARATE. You know I’m very fond of you, this is a sporting detail, … For now, I wish you the best, I hope you continue to grow and, do not have the slightest doubt, I will be very aware of you.

In this way, Juani Mieres returns upside down with his new partner Alvaro Cepero. The couple will be under the command of coach Mati Ortiz and we will soon see them make their debut at the Estrella Damm Alicante Open 2020.

“Start a new journey with Chiqui Cepero. Alvaro is a very fast player and a great defender. These characteristics allow me to play again in the backhand. You can imagine how motivated and excited I am,” confesses Juani to THE PADEL INTERVIEW.

Source: World Padel Tour

The new union will have to face consolidated couples, but this is not a fear for a player like Juani Mieres. The Bahia Blanca player is looking forward to the Lebron and Galan pair, which he sees as his favorite couple to take the lead this year.

When I played with Galan I was sure he was going to be number 1. The time I had him as a partner I enjoyed it because we complemented each other well and we both liked to go on the attack,” says Mieres.

In addition to playing WPT, Juani has other types of sports projects in mind, such as those he will carry out with his brother Diego Mieres: “my brother organizes many activities abroad to promote padel such as clinics, training courses for coaches

Source: World Padel Tour

Back to the courts

This year has been very hard for the Argentinian player. The situation he has lived these months for the Covid 19 has not been the best and that has influenced his game.

“It’s the first time we’ve been standing so long and not leaving the house. At the beginning it was difficult to recover the physicality and the rhythm of the trainings. The beginning was strange because there was a lot of uncertainty about what would happen in Spain and the rest of the world,” says the professional player.

Juani Mieres is already charged up and looking forward to the next tournaments with his new teammate. From THE PADEL INTERVIEW we wish Juani Mieres good luck in this new sport adventure.

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