4 October, 2022

At 19 years old, Iván Ramírez del Campo is managing to establish himself in the main frames of the professional circuit. The player from Madrid has gone from being a promise to become a reality of the World Padel Tour.

Our colleague Javier Rosado Fernández has made an interview to the Spanish player in which he reveals his day to day, his nearest future and his most personal side.

  • How is Iván Ramírez in his personal life? What do you like to do outside the courts?

I am a simple person and very focused on sport who takes great care of his nutrition and rest. I train a lot both on the court and in the gym, I go to the physiotherapist and I watch games. Although I won’t lie to you, there are days when I try to disconnect and be with my family. The truth is that I’m a very homely person.

  • Which WPT player did you admire as a child?

As a child I admired padel in general. I tried to absorb things from all the players (Silingo’s punch, Lamperti’s charisma, Mati Díaz’s fight or Belasteguín’s defense).

But if I had to choose I would stay with Juan Martín Díaz. His game is impressive and he has an enormous talent that makes him do spectacular things on the court. Juan Martín Díaz was and is a phenomenon playing padel.

Source: WPT
  • How has the M3 Academy influenced your sporting life?

It has influenced a lot as they have managed to make the leap from being an underage player to one who plays WPT. I am very grateful to Jorge Martinez, Mariano Amat and all the coaching staff at the M3 Academy.

I am lucky to be able to train with Ale Galán, Juan Lebrón, and many other professional players who fight every day to establish themselves in the main team.

  • How would you evaluate the sports results you have achieved this year with Arturo Coello?

It is SPECTACULAR! We have far exceeded the objectives we set ourselves at the beginning of the year. We have reached nine or ten frames and we have reached the round of 16 seven times.

“What we have achieved this year is a feat that had never been done before and that I think is very difficult to repeat”

Iván Ramírez del Campo

We have achieved this by coming from the previous stage, which forced us to win four or five games in order to reach those stages. I think this is a feat that had never been done before and I think it is very difficult to repeat it.

The truth is that we would have liked to end the year with a quarter-final, in fact, we were close to achieving it on a couple of occasions. If I’m honest I hope to achieve those quarters next season, it is my goal in 2021.

Source: WPT
  • Who will be your partner next year? Will you continue with Arturo Coello?

Next year, Arturo and I will separate our paths. Regarding my partner in 2021 I will inform you through my Instagram account.

  • What would you like to become in professional padel? What is your dream?

My desire is to become number one in the world. Obviously in very difficult, but I want to work to achieve it.

I have the so on the ground and I know it is a long term goal. That’s why I prefer to set myself short-term goals. For example, next year it would be a great achievement to be able to establish myself in the main draw and between 2022 and 2024 choose to be the head of the series.

However, the reality is that we are ending 2020 with a good balance of results and now it is time to start preparing for 2021.

Source: WPT
  • What message would you give to those children who want to become professional padel players in the future?

I would like to encourage them to play a lot of padel. I was lucky enough to watch some tournaments on the professional circuit as a child and since then I have fantasized about being on that court one day.

“The important thing is that children do not get frustrated and continue to enjoy playing padel”

Iván Ramírez del Campo

That was my greatest inspiration and I think you need that passion to compete. Although the truth is that achieving these goals is not easy and involves constant work. It’s hard and you have to be willing to train hard every day.

The main thing is to enjoy the games because the result is not the most important thing. I have lost many games and the next day I was on the court training again. The message I want to give them is not to get frustrated and to continue enjoying themselves when they play padel.

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