4 October, 2022

Our colleague Javier Rosado Fernández has interviewed Alejandra Salazar, the queen of the tray and number 3 in the World Padel Tour ranking.

In this interview, Alejandra has told us how she faces her second year with her partner Ariadna Sánchez Fallada and her impressions after the Cervezas Victoria Marbella Máster. You can’t miss it!

  • Why did you decide to continue with Ariadna Sánchez Fallada for another year?

Ari and I talked at the end of the year, we took stock and we both felt that it had been very positive and that we still had a lot of room for improvement as a couple.

Besides, we get along very well and have a great team, there was no reason not to continue.

  • What does Ari give you on the track?

Ari gives me a lot of freshness. She’s a very young and talented player. She has some unpredictable and decisive shots that add a lot to our game.

Source: World Padel Tour
  • What were your feelings about the first tournament of the year?

Although the balance has been positive in terms of overall performance, we are left with the thorn in our side for not having been able to take the final

We had many opportunities! We’ll keep working to get him on our side next time.

  • What did you lack in the Victoria Marbella Master Beer to take the title?

As I was saying, turning those opportunities we had. Close those golden points and lower the unforced errors at various points in the game.

Source: World Padel Tour
  • Which couples do you see as the strongest this year?

As was demonstrated last year, there are many couples who aspire to everything in every tournament. The first 6-7 couples in the ranking are very strong. It will be a very intense and competitive year.


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