30 June, 2022

There are many stories of the padel history. A sport that came on a strong footing, especially in our country.

Since 1991, the year in which the International Padel Federation was established in Madrid, Spain began to be invaded by numerous padel courts that have grown in number in recent years. But where was this sport really born?

According to the Spanish Padel Federation, a history confirmed by the International Federation, padel was born in Acapulco (Mexico) in 1960.

Enrique Corcuera was the thinking head of this discovery, a man who simply adapted a plot of land of 20 x 10 meters and placed walls on the bottoms and sides, all with the aim that the vegetation around the court will not disturb and interrupt was in it the game.

At first it began playing with wooden shovels which were called padel-tenis, hence the name of the sport.

Source: World Padel Tour

This new game stayed between Corcuera and her circle of friends. However, in 1974, Alfonso de
Hohenlohe, traveled to Mexico to visit his friend Enrique.

There he was able to know the new sport that the Mexican practiced, becoming so interested in him that on his return to Spain he built the first two courts at the Marbella Club. Here began the expansion of padel in the Spanish territory.

History padel in the world

The expansion of the sport soon led to a sling shot at athletes such as Manolo Santana, a leading figure in tennis and a Wimblendon winner. The tennis player introduced the first padel tournaments throughout the Costa del Sol, eventually establishing himself on the peninsula. Here the clubs became interested in the sport and began to introduce it to their courts.

Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, and especially Argentina, are some of the American countries where this sport has spread. As for Europe, Sweden, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, among others, they have also welcomed this new sport. So strong has been the reception of the padel that the number of federated people continues to grow, as has a number of facilities created for it.

Source: PadelSpain

History padel in Spain

Nowadays, it is difficult to know the number of courts and padel players that exist.

As mentioned before, in 1991 the International Padel Federation was established, being the Spanish president Julio Alegría Artiach, who established the rules of the game worldwide and created international circuits.

In this way Spain became the pioneer country of padel in Europe. And, officially, it was in 1993 that this sport would be consolidated as a sports modality after the recognition of the Higher Sports Council.

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