15 August, 2022

From adidas padel they are clear that it is inevitable to leave a carbon footprint, but we can always do things to reduce it and compensate for it. This is how the #GREENPADEL spirit was born.

For some time now, the German brand has been working on a project with a clear purpose; to care for and preserve the environment.

They claim that “the most important game of our lives is not played on a track. In fact, we play it outside, in our daily lives”.

With this philosophy #GreenPadel is born. An ecological action that reflects the main value of adidas padel, caring for the environment in all its forms. From production to sales.

But what is #GREENPADEL?, is it an eco-friendly product line and is there something else behind it?


No matter how controlled it is, any manufacturing process produces polluting emissions. To offset these emissions, adidas decided in 2018 to start reforesting Genesis, a forest located in the Picos de Europa.

Now they have decided to embark on an even bigger undertaking; the adidas padel Forest.

Together with Reforestum, a company dedicated to environmental care, adidas padel is financing the reforestation of an area of 2.4 hectares, equivalent to 120 padel courts.

This new adidas forest is located in Calahorra de Boedo (Palencia) and will offset about 842 tons of CO2..

Source: adidas padel


Adidas has always been a pioneer in the research and production of new, environmentally sustainable materials. Proof of this are materials such as Flax Fiber and Dupont Tyvek.

In addition, adidas follows very demanding internal rules, in which all its factories must pass an exhaustive audit to ensure that they comply with the environmental requirements self-imposed by the company’s guidelines.

In fact, adidas padel’s head office, the Spínola tower in Madrid, is a BREEAM-certified sustainable building that confirms significant energy savings, thus reducing polluting emissions.

GREENPADEL is therefore an innovative project within the padel industry, with which it hopes to provide a boost to the care of the environment, and with which the brand seeks to raise awareness among users to join the movement. It is undoubtedly a measure that adds value, although as the company says “to win this game we must all play together”.



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