2 July, 2022
Source: adidas padel

Adidas Pádel confirms its close collaboration with Ale Galán
for the next 3 seasons with the aim of continuing to dominate
dominating the world padel

Since the young player from Madrid signed for the brand in February 2018, his projection has been stellar, winning more than 10 titles in the last two seasons and proving to be the best performing player on the WPT circuit.

An impressive performance that has catapulted him to the top of the padel world, becoming the solo number 1 in 2020.

Adidas were able to recognise the great talent of the player from Madrid. Just two months after joining the brand, Galán won his first professional title and was also awarded the prize for the best new player.

Although the truth is that those triumphs are far behind him as his record since then has not stopped growing, winning multiple matches, many of them memorable.

Source: adidas padel

From Adidas, they are very proud of the work and effort made by the player from Leganés. Proof of this is the renewal that has recently been carried out with the young champion for the next 3 years. Thus demonstrating the great complicity and commitment between the two.

For the upcoming season, Ale will be wielding the new Adidas Metalbone racket, with which he has already proven to be able to play his best game.

Thousands of fans are already looking forward to the start of the 2021 season, where we hope that the stadiums can once again be filled with the energy and passion of the fans.

Source: adidas padel

With the return of the circuit, Ale Galan is clear that he wants to continue leading the top of the table, repeating and even improving the results obtained in the last year.

With his work and talent, what is certain is that this new season he will continue to make us fall in love with his game, not only in Spain but also beyond our own borders.

Adidas Padel is convinced that this coming season the sport will return stronger than ever and that, with Galán back on the court, the “party” is guaranteed.


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