30 June, 2022

It’s been an incredible season for them. They’ve become the number one pairing in the world, how have they achieved it? What makes them different from the rest of the pairings on the World Padel Tour?

  • They have improved their mentality: in the most decisive moments of the game they have a lot of personalities and they tend to choose the best option.

As an example, we can mention that in the golden points they have achieved a very high percentage of success.

  • They are very unpredictable: it is difficult to predict where their next shot will go. In defence, they are capable of playing a small shot when it looks like they are going to throw a lob.

They also change direction when you don’t expect it and often play fastballs to the body that make it difficult for opponents to volley. When attacking, they are constantly deceptive and change the tempo of the game with ease.

An example of this can be seen when it looks like they are going to make a bandeja and at the last moment, they make a quick smash or when it looks like they are going to make a volley and they execute a perfect drop shot that completely astonishes their opponents.

In short, Galán and Lebrón have become a couple who have become experts in the “art of deception”.

  • They have all the shots: Both Ale and Juan are very technically complete players and have an almost infinite range of shots.

This causes uncertainty for their opponents as it makes it difficult for them to counteract the dynamic that Ale and Juan propose in the matches.

They are very fast and have impressive physical qualities: they carry out defence-attack transitions very quickly, it seems that with just one step they can win the net.

It is worth highlighting this feature, as in recent years we are witnessing a transition towards a more physical and explosive padel, where physical preparation and proper nutrition can make the difference in professional padel.

  • Ale and Juan are two of the best finishers on the circuit: both can win the point with a smash from behind the line, which gives them a lot of points in their matches.

We will see what surprises the new WPT season brings, at THE PADEL INTERVIEW we are sure it will be a very exciting year

Javier Rosado Fernández
Coordinator of TPI


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