5 October, 2022

The 24-year-old Alejandro Galán from Madrid, number 1 in the WPT ranking together with his partner Juan Lebrón, is one of the best paddle players of this 2020.

Just a few weeks ago the 2020 World Padel Tour season came to an end, and it can be said that it has undoubtedly been an unforgettable season for the Spanish couple.

But it has not been the only season in which the Madrid-born player has shone with his own light since, in 2018, Ale Galán played one of his best seasons, reaching the top of the ranking and leaving the pavilions all over the world speechless.

In the Valladolid tournament that year he won his first professional final with Matías Diaz.

After that year, Galán began a new adventure with Juani Mieres that was very productive and ended when the Madrid-based player decided to play alongside Brazilian Pablo Lima.

Together with the Porto Alegre Canyon, Ale Galan won a WPT tournament in Buenos Aires and reached the semi-finals in Marbella, the fourths in Jaen and Vigo, and the eighths in Logroño and Alicante.

Later, the adidas padel player rose to the top of professional padel by becoming the 2019 WPT Master Final champion.

“I’m at the top of my game. It has been the year where I have won more tournaments, being also very regular. Conquering the Final Masters was a thorn in my side, as the previous end of the season was not good due to various external problems. I already knew that I wasn’t going to continue with Lima for 2020. In spite of this, we continued to fight to win the last tournament and we did it. In summary, the balance has been very good,” he said in an interview with El Español.

From then on, a new stage began for the Madrid-born player at Juan Lebrón’s side. And the truth is that the couple would soon be one of the best pairs on the professional circuit, even becoming number 1 on the professional circuit after winning six tournaments this year.

The little Galan enters the court

Ale and his sister Alaba had the opportunity to teach with a professional player that one of the parents of their urbanization knew.

There, on the slopes of their urbanization, they began to hit the shovel for the first time at the age of seven.

The Galán family has always been very united, for that reason, the first steps in this sport were shared with his sister:

“In my family we are very much about getting together and meeting. We are very familiar and we like to surround ourselves with our loved ones. I have been instilled with values of work, sacrifice and effort,” he said in an interview.

Source: WPT

The player from Madrid comes from a humble, hard-working family. His father has always been in the hotel business and his mother cleaned houses.

In the past, Ale Galan’s family could not always afford to go to padel lessons, but his parents fought so that their children could enjoy this sport.

The effort of his parents has been clearly rewarded, both Ale and his sister Alba, are two great players of the World Padel Tour.

“I am not ashamed of all this and we cannot forget that our family did not go on holiday, for example, so that their children could play tournaments. We can never give back to our parents everything they have given us,” he confessed to El Español.

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