30 June, 2022

Riera and Llaguno against the odds

Argentina’s Virginia Riera and Spain’s Patricia Llaguno won the Cupra Vigo Open 2021 on Sunday after defeating Spain’s Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay in the final.

Source: WPT

To win, Virginia Riera and Patricia Llaguno had to come back from an adverse first set, dominated by the Spanish pairing. They won 2-6, 6-3, 7-5 and rounded off a week that they will undoubtedly remember for the rest of their lives.

It’s worth highlighting their know-how in the most decisive moments of the match and their bravery against the most in-form pairing on tour, Virginia Riera and Patricia Llaguno are crowned champions of the Cupra Vigo Open 2021.

For Virginia Riera, this is her first title on the World Padel Tour. An Argentine hasn’t won an Open or Masters tournament since 2014.

“I’m incredibly excited. I want to thank Patty for the opportunity to play alongside her. I know I have number one by my side. She’s an excellent person and an amazing player. I want to dedicate this to my mum, she is everything to me and I wanted to give her this joy”, said Riera after the match.

For her part, Patty Llaguno added: “I can’t thank Vir enough for this adventure we’re starting. We’ve played three tournaments. In the last one I had to withdraw, so taking part in this one was a gift”.

Sanyo and Bela, second title of the season

On the other hand, Argentinians Fernando Belasteguín and Sanyo Gutiérrez won their second title of the season by defeating Martín Di Nenno and Paquito Navarro in the men’s final.

Source: WPT

With the definitive 4-6, 6-4, 6-2, in two hours and 21 minutes, Fernando Belasteguín and Sanyo Gutiérrez added a new trophy to their trophy cabinet after their victory in Madrid.

The couple is making a practically perfect start to the season, winning two of the three tournaments they’ve played this season.

According to Sanyo Gutierrez after the final, their opponents “started better”, but after losing the first set their reaction allowed them to turn the score around.

“Once we sorted ourselves out, we played the way we wanted to play. When you play at the rhythm that Sanyo and Bela want, we’re more solid. Today we were a little bit better tactically. But we have to keep working because we still have a lot to improve. I hope we can continue playing more finals“, he said.

On the other hand, Fernando Belasteguin, who injured his right calf after the semifinal against Tapia-Lima, thanked his partner for his dedication to making the Cupra Vigo Open final 2021.

Javier Rosado Fernández
Padel Coach


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