4 October, 2022

It was a rollercoaster ride this week in Valladolid that took us to an unprecedented final. On one side of the court, Maxi Sanchez, who after an unexpected start to the season with a change of partner, returned to a final after a long time without playing and ‘Lucho’ Capra who had never won a Master, and in a city where he had lived for several years.

On the other side, Fede Chingotto and Juan Tello, always loved and growing for another year, in which they weren’t showing the continuity and good results they were used to last season.

A final against all odds in the fight for a title, which also featured a duo that was not even among the top eight in the ranking, both arriving after eliminating the best pairings in the previous rounds.

Source: WPT

Maxi and Lucho got off to an unstoppable start with unstoppable confidence, supported by their continuous hitting and not only hitting more shots, but also making far fewer unforced errors, something that is very costly in a title match.

It was such a frenetic start to the match that they took a 3-0 lead which helped them to manage their strength and manage the set more strategically, as neither Juan nor Fede knew how to turn the score around as the games went by, and that’s how they reached the 6-3 that ended the first set.

In the second set, however, Juan and Fede came out on top, they weren’t going to give up until the last drop of sweat, and together with Gaby Reca, they looked for a way to turn the match around.

They did it with an overwhelming start that put them 1-3, but that automatically woke up a Capra that looked like a veteran in the finals, in a match that did everything to equalize (3-3), and even to turn the score around (4-3).

This comeback was based on a golden point that would help them not to lose the lead, and with determination, a very aggressive game, throwing excellent lobs and forcing Tello in defence to prevent his rises to the net, to go for the title.

A well-deserved win for Maxi and Lucho, which ended 6-3, 6-4, which meant the first Master for Capra and one more for Sanchez, as well as his return to the path of success.

A totally new final this year, which shows us how evenly matched this 2021 season is being, and how nice it is to see couples a priori underdogs in the final stages of the tournaments.

Javier Rosado Fernández


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