5 October, 2022

The Wizink Center witnessed an impressive final on 11 April. The Adelas Open Madrid kicks off the new World Padel Tour 2021 season.

Paula Josemaría and Arianna Sánchez vs. Bea González and Lucía Sainz; Fernando Belasteguín and Sanyo Gutiérrez vs. Alex Ruiz and Franco Stupaczuk, were the teams that qualified to play this Sunday’s final.

Gold for Paula and Ari

Source: WPT

They say that height is an advantage in padel, but Ari and Paula break with that belief and prove that power is the key. Great understanding, confidence and domination during the two hour match were the qualities that led this pairing to victory in the final.

Sanchez put the emphasis on demonstrating her nickname, magic, making great wall breaks, controlling the game. Powerful at the net and in her defence, her partner Josemaría was not far behind.

With great skill, speed and excellent play, she was at the height of the match, thus winning her 3rd professional title. However, mistakes were also present in the team.

Lucia and Bea were getting big at the net. Sainz was a wall in defence, although she had less luck measuring her lobs, which ended up flying with more power than necessary and bouncing off the wall.

The player from Malaga was crowned with smashes that returned to her court, adding incredible serves through the door that took the team Gonzalez and Sainz to 3-4 which put them ahead in the 2nd set.

Source: WPT

Despite the good play of both pairs, finally Ari and Paula won the tournament. In just two sets (6-3 / 6-4) the team of “las bajitas” showed that height is not as necessary as we had been led to believe.

Ari and Paula win their first title as a pairing. “We’ve been working hard, although sometimes I play too much”, confessed the player from Extremadura after the match.

To which Ari responded: “I trusted Paula from the beginning (…) we played very well, with a nice game and an identity that I think is ours”.

Victory for the veterans Bela and Sanyo

Source: WPT

The men’s final got underway at five past twelve. The match started with what was supposed to be the end of the set for the pairing of Bela and Sanyo, but you should never give up on this Argentinean fusion. 3-0 was the start of the 1st set.

Alex and Franco started strongly and quickly took the lead, a slight advantage that would end up being broken after the awakening of the Bela beast.

After a tense golden point, the Argentine team won their first game, at which point the match began to change its course.

Bela and Sanyo moved up and levelled the set at 3-3, then a 3-4, and finally the recovery of the team Alex and Stupa returning to equalize with a 4-4. This first set ended in a Tie Break in which Alex and Stupa got the victory: 7-6.

The second set saw a supersonic Franco and a strong defensive Sanyo. The Malagueño’s team got the first game, but soon the match returned to the philosophy of the first set: 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4. In the next game Bela and Sanyo broke the set and took it 6-4.

Source: WPT

The decisive set arrives. The Argentinean team is still going strong, they enter the court and quickly sweep Alex and Franco.

The player from Malaga and the number 8 of the WPT ranking put pressure on, but not enough to unseat the veterans in the third set. They relax, Bela and Sanyo make it difficult for them: 4-1, 5-2, 5-3, and finally 6-3.

After a tough and unpredictable final, the Argentine team is crowned at the Wizink Center. Sanyo celebrates the win in tears: “I’m happy, I think we make a good team. Even if things go wrong we’re both pulling for the same side”. Bela supports his partner and reveals the secret of their triumph: “The fact of being parents is what drives us to improve”.

Nerea Díaz- Maroto


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