16 August, 2022

This publication is mainly aimed at beginner players who want to buy their first racket, as professionals already know the differences between one racket and another.

The market has a huge amount of different types of bats, with different materials and aimed at different profiles.

The most important thing is to choose the racket that matches the level of the player, professional and beginner racquets are not the same.

One of the best examples of professional padel rackets are the Vibora padel rackets, which are aimed at experienced players. However, the brand is not a factor that indicates the level of the racket.

Here are the main differences between competition and beginner paddles.

Source: Padelnuestro

Differences between a competition racket and a beginners’ padel racket

Padel racket materials

Undoubtedly, the first difference you will notice is in the materials they are made of. Professional bats are usually made with the highest quality materials, which are more resistant, heavier and harder.

For example, professional level bats are usually made with advanced carbon fibres or other innovative materials such as kevlar, aluminium or basalt.

On the other hand, beginners’ racquets tend to be made of less solid materials, which are somewhat cheaper but better suited to the beginner player. The most common material used in a beginner’s racket is fibreglass.

Regarding the core of the blades, i.e. its rubber, it is not strictly related to the level, as you can find professional or beginner blades that share the same type of core.

However, beginners’ blades always have soft and elastic cores, with the aim of making the stroke much more comfortable, with more control and without vibrations.

The most commonly used material for this type of paddle is Eva Soft rubber, although there are also other compounds such as polyethylene, which are common in Royal Padel padel blades.

Source: Padelnuestro

The style of play

The style of play is often a bit confusing when choosing your first padel racket. The reason for this is that there are padel racquets of all playing styles for all levels of padel players.

In other words, a control racket could be for professionals or for beginners.

Generally, beginner paddles tend to be control paddles, because what a learning player needs is comfort, precision and manoeuvrability to develop technique.

However, it is also possible to find beginners’ blades that have a versatile or aggressive style, but most of them will be control blades.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this section, there are also professional racquets that focus on control. However, they have other elements and technologies that an entry level racket does not have.

In addition, professional racquets tend to have a more aggressive playing style, which requires better technique and experience on the court to get the most out of them.

The technologies

Professional racquets have more technologies than a beginner racquet, which is another reason why they have a higher price.

However, all these technologies become necessary when you reach a high level in your game.

Beginners’ rackets have only the basic technologies for the game, so that the player learning to play can perform comfortably and correctly.

On the other hand, competition rackets have additional technologies that range from anti vibration systems to technologies that allow the weight and balance of the racket to be modified.


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