30 September, 2022

The story of one of the best players in the world, the sevillian Paquito Navarro, begins in Andalusia.

If you talk about padel in Spain, inevitably, the vast majority of people will come up with a name, and that is none other than Paquito Navarro.

From The Padel Interview we are going to present a small biography so that those who only know his name can also know something about the history and career of one of the legends of professional padel.

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Beginnings of Paquito Navarro

On February 10, 1989, in Seville, Francisco Navarro Compán was born, a small prodigy who at the early age of five began to play padel while playing soccer with the children of his neighborhood.

Paquito Navarro began to take his first steps in the sport of shoveling on the court of an urbanization located in the town of Aguadulce (Almeria), where his family had a home. There he played regularly with family and friends in the summer periods until, at the age of eight, he joined the Zaudín Golf Club in Seville.

Shortly thereafter, Paquito Navarro began his competitive career in national and international junior tournaments. He participated in his first World Cup in Mexico when he was only 10 years old, after a call from Ana Bastarreche, who was fascinated by the enormous quality of the young Sevillian player.

Source: World Padel Tour

Allemandi, a turning point

Paquito Navarro’s sporting career takes a turn when the paths of Adrian Allemandi and himself cross. Since it was then when the Sevillian gives a great jump of quality in his game and in his technique.

Together with Adrián, El Tito Allemandi, Paquito will be champion of the World Junior Championship in Argentina, held in Buenos Aires, as well as winning the Spanish U-15 Championship in 2003 and the U-16 Championship in 2004.

In 2007, El Duende de Sevilla, will be consolidated in the first place under 18 in the circuit of the Spanish Federation of Padel for, the following year, get with the national team the World Championship of Selections in Calgary (Canada), with Jordi Muñoz.

Source: World Padel Tour

Madrid and professionalism

In 2009, at the age of 20, Paquito moved to Madrid to continue his university studies. Although he had participated in some occasions before, there he starts, together with Jordi Muñoz, his career in the Padel Pro Tour, winning the Spanish Under-23 Championship and the European Championship of selections.

Begins a career full of successes, being 2012 the year of his consecration with his well-known junior partner Allemandi after having shared the court with Jose Maria Laguna, Pablo Cardozo, Pitu Losada or Alvaro Cepero. The Navarro-Allemandi tandem managed to reach two finals and the final Master of the PPT that season.

His first season on the new professional World Padel Tour circuit was in 2013, again with Jordi Muñoz and Ramiro Choya as his coach. In 2014, he returns with Allemandi and will win his first World Padel Tour with Maxi Gabriel as his partner.

Since then, Paquito Navarro has competed alongside great padel players such as Matias Diaz, Sanyo Gutierrez, Juan Martin Diaz, Pablo Lima, Juan Cruz Belluati and Juan Lebron. Partners with whom he was proclaimed champion of Spain Absolute (2015), of La Nucía Open (2016), of Valencia Master (2016), of Estrella Damm Master Final (2016), of Spain by teams (2017), of Santander Open (2017), of Miami Padel Master (2017), of Valladolid Open (2017), of the Catalonia Master (2018), Euskadi Open (2018), Estrella Damm Alicante Open (2019), World Padel Tour Jaen (2019), Valladolid Master (2019), World Padel Tour Sweden Bastad (2019), Sao Paulo Padel Open (2019) and Marbella Master (2020).

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