5 October, 2022

Marta Ortega, is one of the best players in the World Padel Tour. The Spanish player was born on Valentine’s Day 1997 and is currently ranked second on the professional padel circuit.

Martita (as she is known) is one of the youngest and most experienced stars on the professional circuit.

At only 16 years old she reached the semi-finals of a WPT tournament, thus becoming one of the youngest players to reach the final stages of a professional padel tournament.

Her palmares and personality have made her one of the best known professional padel players.

“If I go with my family or friends, I am not ashamed. I love to be recognized and I don’t mind having my picture taken or whatever. The problem is in the hospital, because I don’t know how to act. I never tell my assistant anything about whether or not I’m an athlete, but there are times when a patient recognizes me and I do blush,” Martita confessed to the ABC newspaper.

This year, Marta Ortega has played most of this season with Bea González from Malaga, although at the end of the year the adidas player has returned to play with her former teammate Marta Marrero. The ‘Martas’ returned to the charge ten months after their sporting separation.


Dr. Ortega

Besides being a professional player, Marta Ortega studies medicine, a career that demands a lot of dedication and study. The reality is that sports and studies take up a great deal of her time.

“It’s a sacrifice I’m used to, I can’t conceive padel without medicine or vice versa, they are my life,” said Marta in an interview for Marca newspaper.

Currently, the adidas player is studying at the Complutense School of Medicine and at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital. She would like to specialize in gynecology and obstetrics or in traumatology.

It is difficult in her day to day life to combine everything, but Hiromi is a born fighter and she achieves everything she sets out to do. “It is important to have a safe conduct to the sport in case you have any problem”, she underlines.

Source: WPT

Marta started a new year with many goals ahead of her, both on the track and in the hospital. The arrival of the pandemic was a bump in the road for her. The health alarm is very close to her, but she is still strong and ready to help when needed.

Sports Awards

Martita’ became world champion in pairs in 2011. One year later, she was Spanish Cadet Champion (U16).

In 2013, the newspaper AS awarded her the Promesa del Deporte prize and she became world champion, Spanish junior champion (U18) and Spanish champion (U23).

In 2014 and 2015, Marta was runner-up in the Master WPT in IFEMA, champion of the Master Absolute of the FMP, runner-up WPT Valencia, absolute world champion in pairs and teams, Spain absolute regional teams, Spain Junior (U18), Spain (U23) and absolute champion of Madrid in teams and pairs.

In 2016 she reached the semifinals of the WPT Final Master of IFEMA, the Master of Barcelona and the Barcelona Challenger, was champion of Spain (U23) and absolute champion of Madrid.

In 2017, she continued to be at the top by becoming European Champion in Padel, WPT Santander Open and Spanish Team Champion. She was also runner-up in the WPT Master Final.

Source: WPT

And in 2018, she was crowned champion of Spain’s Selectos Autonómicas, of the WPT Melilla and of Spain by teams in the 1st category. She was also runner-up in the WPT Valencia Master.

In 2019, she was a finalist in the Estrella Damm Master Final, champion in the Cervezas Victoria Córdoba Open, Cascais Padel Master, Estrella Damm Valencia, Euro Finan Swedish Padel Open, Vigo Open, Logroño Open and Cervezas Victoria Marbella Master.

In 2020, his conquests continue to fill his list of achievements. From THE PADEL INTERVIEW we wish Marta Ortega a lot of success in her sports career.

Nerea Díaz-Maroto


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